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Me vs. the Tech Nation

"The Nerds Have Won!"

So I was on the train the other day and happened to noticed what has become the acceptable fad nowadays. At least half the people in the car had their nose buried in some kind of tech device. A few months ago a TV personality Chris Hardwick made a comment about this saying "the nerds have won!" I agree with this somewhat, but to what extent did we actually win?

Whenever I see someone toying around with their smartphones and/or blackberries (that sounds dirty) and/or tablets (i.e.: ipads), I can't help but think that 10 short years ago, showing just a remote interest in these kinds of gadgets would have been considered nerdy by most people. Think about how many people had internet access in their homes during that period, back in 2000, and think about how many people are on facebook today. But what really has me raising an eyebrow to all of this is how so long ago I would have been made fun of for being into all this techie stuff, and now I'm almost made fun of for not giving a shit about it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Part four and counting, Walt Disney Pictures continues its one time trilogy into a, for now, quartet of a film franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides returns to the screen with basically some of its original, cheery-eyed cast intact. Usuals and choice favorites, Orland Bloom & Keira Knightley, chose not to reprise their roles. But everyone’s lovable and normally deceitful captain sailed his way back onto the theater. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow is with new direction this time. Rob Marshall picks up directing duties from the franchises normal head, Gore Verbinksi.

When we last found Captain Sparrow (Johnny Depp) he had set sail in a tiny dinghy in the direction of the Fountain of Youth. By now, four years later, you would think that maybe he has found it. You would be incorrect because movie time has never quite equaled real-life time. Not only has he not yet found these legendary waters but we find his first mate, Mr. Gibbs (Kevin McNally), on trial with the court believing that he is in fact Sparrow. After exchanging some dazzling pleasantries with the King of England’s superior guards, with them in pursuit of him, Sparrow crosses paths with someone from his past. Enter the still very beautiful Penelope Cruz as Angelica, yet another female that the womanizing Sparrow has “loved and left”.

Mourning The Chicago Code

It is with a very heavy heart and saddened demeanor that I pass on this dreadful news. I don't know just how many of you had begun to watch or even heard of a nice little cop-drama by the name of The Chicago Code. It starred Jennifer Beals as Teresa Colvin, the first ever female Police Superintendent for the Chicago PD. Her main mission upon becoming the highest ranking police officer in the city of Chicago was attempting to take down corrupt Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Curiosity peaked yet?

She assembles a secret and very small task force consisting of her former partner Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke), who has his own personal uncertainties at home, and Caleb Evers (Matt Lauria). They are given the green light by the Super to take on whatever and any cases they feel are the most important within the city. Also handpicked by Colvin, deep undercover officer Liam Hennessey (Billy Lush), tries to navigate his way through the corrupt ranks of Gibbons' evil empire in order to finally bring the city official to justice. The show is created by Shawn Ryan who birthed the show Terriers which was also removed from the air.

Thor (2011)

Marvel movie number whatever it is right now is the second big film of the summer.  I only say that because Fast 5 has proven itself to be the first.  Even though it is still officially Spring, the mega-blockbusters are beginning to roll themselves into theaters.  Hopefully so that many moviegoers will roll green-colored- paper out of their wallets and roll their butts into the seats.  Thor is one of many links on the path towards Marvel’s eventual Avengers destination.  The next link on this road will be Captain America, which just might turn out to better than this step. 

Chris Hemsworth takes on the role of the God of Thunder and the heir to Odin’s, the king of Asgard, (Anthony Hopkins) throne.  From the beginning of the film, the audience can sense the jealousy that is pulsating from Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor’s younger brother.  When the day finally arrives for him to realize his destiny as King, the eldest prince proves that he truly isn’t ready. He carries himself with a brash and recklessness of a warrior but not a leader.  After there is a breach in security by the Frost Giants, enemies to Odin and the people of Asgard, Thor instantly wishes to declare war upon them.  Not even the strict forbiddance of this by his father deters the eventual hero from paying the race of giants a visit.


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