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Still quite the amatuer at this writing thing, I'm trying to grow and evolve to possibly one day even become pretty decent at it.  But I won't know if I am without any feedback.  Especially feedback from you, the wonderful take precious time out of your own important days to actually read my stuff you.  The readers of my work are the main reason why I continue to even consider a part in the writing game.  A small talent that I refused to even acknowledge I might have until this almost too late portion of my life. 

As it would seem, my ongoing romance story, "Another Chance" Cafe, has become surprisingly popular and developed a small fan base who are all threatening me whenever I take too long to create a new chapter.  Mostly friends, co-workers, family and a certain girl that I, or was, trying to impress have become loyal followers.  But I want to hear from those of you whom I don't know.  Die-hard readers who will tell me if I suck.  Be gentle with your words please.  My non-existent ego is quite fragile.  My many thanks to those of you who have provided words on stuff thus far and I encourage you to keep them coming.  To those of you who haven't, I push the same previously mentioned encouragement upon you ten-fold.  Maybe even twenty-fold.  I want to hear what you think!

This would be gladly appreciated.  So comment, comment, comment.  Or at least follow or simply tell your friends to check it out and then maybe they will comment.  Looking forward to discovering if I have a chance to run with the literature wolves or  whether I should chuck my pen out of the window (Because there's no way I'm going to throw my laptop anywhere).  Thank you all in advance.  And remember:


It's good for the mind, body, and yeah the soul too.

Devil (2010)

Some of the past creations of M. Night Shyamalan have been scrutinized for trying too hard to boggle the mind and push the limits of normal storytelling.  While some have been met with rave reviews and been considered classics, others have melted and withered into the “why did I just pay money to see that?” category.  After The Last Airbender, M. Night returns to his area of expertise: the supernatural thriller.  This time around, the genres of supernatural & thriller have been combined with a case of whodunit.  Although still mildly skeptical, I found myself quite eager to catch this one.  Devil delivers suspense and thrills that will keep most of the audience, including those who feel that they are quite proficient in solving mysteries.
            This one gets set-up pretty quickly which plays into the uncommonly short run-time of only an hour and 20 minutes.  We begin with a seemingly random suicide by way of a man jumping out of a window and falling to his death onto a truck.  A small group of four people sign in and board an elevator within the same building that produced the jumper along with a security guard who also works there.  The elevator car doesn’t seem to travel but a couple of floors before it suddenly stops.  Then all of the fun…and terror begins.  Along with the security guard in the stuck elevator is a young woman, a mattress salesman, a guy on his way to an interview, and an older lady.  All strangers to each other, they are all obviously uncomfortable being trapped in a tight space with people they don’t know.

Armored (2010)

Ever think about what it would be like to transport large sums of money back and forth? The excitement, the anticipation of possibly something happening. The awareness that you must have in order to become accustomed to new surroundings again and again. But what about the temptation? The feeling that you can just take this valuable cargo and no one would be the wiser. That’s what Armored directed by Nimrod Antal brings into the picture. A team of armored truck security guards try their luck and take a chance at early retirement when a 42 million dollar package drops in their lap.

The decently put together cast includes Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno with Columbus Short as the rookie Ty Hackett and Matt Dillon as their leader Mike Cochrane. Hackett is left to care for his younger brother after their parents passed away leaving them with two mortgages and a slew of hospital bills.

2012 (2009)

Disaster films, disaster films, how we love them so. The main reason why we love them is because the catastrophic destruction is not happening to us. One of the main aspects of film, television and books is the entertainment factor of being engrossed in someone else’s drama. Drama that hopefully we will never have to navigate our way through in real life. Roland Emmerich’s 2012 hits a little closer to real life. The only rationale for this is the notion that the world might really come to an end in a year and a half due to the Mayan calendar prediction. Their timeline seemingly expires in the year 2012 and the world and everything that we know along with it.

Dr. Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is a scientist who, along with his distinguished colleagues, has stumbled upon evidence, presented by the Earth, that the planet will go through some rather drastic changes. Changes that will do a little more than just alter our way of living. The problem is that they have discovered this problem a little too late thus not leaving enough time to find a way to save all of the inhabitants of our world. Jackson Curtis, which oddly enough is 50 Cent’s name in reverse, (John Cusack) is a writer who drives a limo by day while trying to get his name out there as a notable novelist by night. He is separated from his wife, Kate (Amanda Peet), who lives with her new boyfriend and two children whom she conceived while still married to Jackson.


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