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November 30th DVD Releases

The final day of November brings us some movie delights.  Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz get acquainted while doging flying bullets, a Disney classic comes to Blu-ray and the third chapter of the vampire event of possibly our time finally drops on DVD.  So special, it gets its' own release date, Saturday, December 4th.  Alongside it comes a side DVD, Destination Forks: The Real Twilight.  It's parody film, Vampires Suck, comes out as well around the same time, go figure.  We also have Justin Long & Drew Barrymore giving instructions on how to maintain a long distance relationship.  Choose wisely or simply choose them all:

November 23rd DVD Releases

This week we got a couple of goodies you might be able to do some early stocking stuffing with, or watch while you try to digest your Thanksgiving meal.  Movies are usually better than hearing your family members trade embarassing stories about you around the new girl or guy you finally brought home to meet them.  We go from an action delight with a hall of fame cast to the revival of a Disney classic and a couple Blu-ray action double features.


So as it would seem, enough of you have submited many nominations for little old me and my little old blog to make the Top 5 nominees for our category.  That category would be for Best Newcomer Movie Blog.  I always thought my mediocre number of followers was lack luster.  But you all have certainly proven that has always been quality over quantity.  Thanks to TheMovie411 for all of their hard work setting up and processing this online award show for us hard working and dedicated movie bloggers. 

It should really go without saying that you all should vot for my blog.  I mean you could choose any of the other nominess as well if you like them better, this is true.  But you are my dedicated readers that I try ever so hard to impress.  But the choice is all yours alas.  So all I'm saying is to choose carefully and very wisely.  I will now leave you to your voting or whatever it is you were doing before you stumbled upon this very well written post.  Voting ends on the 16th of December.  So go to it!  Again, because FranchiseSaysSo. or click the little picture to your right.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...part I: Midnight Madness

A total of 13 years, including the release date of the very first book, 6 films and 7 books later, we are finally introduced to the first installment in the final piece of the great epic that is Harry Potter. Hope everyone was able to follow that. Assuming that you were, I’ll press on. I am quite proud to say that this is probably the first modern movie that I have actually read the book that it was taken from. I have actually read all of them. Due to my sister’s liking of the story when she was much younger, (she could care less about it now; teenagers) I took her to see the very first film way back in 2001 and have been somewhat of a fan ever since. I took the opportunity to catch the midnight release for this one.  I must say that the many films that have been brought to life have done a pretty good job mirroring the books.  This latest and maybe greatest does no different.

We pick up where the last film and book left off. It’s rather difficult to explain the synopsis of this movie without giving away spoilers from the previous films but I’ll try my best. Plus you should have done yourself a favor and simply read the books or at least watched the movies. Anyways, the famous Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) is now dead and the wizarding world is at war. Half want the muggles (non-magic folk) to have nothing to do with the wonders of magic and the other half would like for things to stay the same. That is filled with peace and allowing whomever desires it to try their hand at magic without of course revealing their secret magical society to the rest of the world.

Skyline (2010): You'll be standing in line for a refund

Ever look up at the sky and wonder if there might be life out there? Inter-galactic life that we don’t know about? Yeah, me too and about a ka-zillion other people. Many of whom who have made only about one or two films in our history communicating what their imagination says about life from another planet. Another set of people/filmmakers, Colin & Greg Strause (aka The Strause Brothers), have chosen to call their alien imagination Skyline. An imagination they might have done better to try to communicate through a comic book or not at all perhaps than on the legendary big screen.

Set in Los Angeles, Skyline tells the science fiction tale of two long-time friends, Jarrod & Terry (Eric Balfour & Donald Faison). Jarrod and his girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson) travel across the country to visit Terry who is a well known special effects producer and is celebrating his birthday. When they arrive, everything is going well and everyone is enjoying the partying, alcohol, music, blah blah blah. Sometime during the night, mysterious blue streaks of light begin falling from the sky. They illuminate the entire the city and draw any and every random spectator towards it. Once seeing the strange but beautiful blue light, one can’t help but be pulled in. People lose all sense of control over their bodies and only seek a way to get closer to it.

Unstoppable (2010): Might stop you from working for a freight train company...

So what do you get when you take an arguably incompetent locomotive engineer, an unmanned freight train dangerously hurtling towards a highly populated Pennsylvania town and two train workers just trying to do their jobs? Pretty long question huh? Well the answer is much shorter…you get another film starring acting vet Denzel Washington and directed by Tony Scott which deals with trains. The two also worked together on last year’s remake, The Taking of Pelham 123. Known for his rapid fire sort of film making utilized in movies like Man on Fire and Domino, Scott puts together another action drama, Unstoppable.

28-year freight train veteran, Frank Barnes (Washington), finds himself partnered up with newcomer Will Colson (Chris Pine) for another day of hauling freight via Pennsylvania railway. The two’s initial relationship is questionable with expected errors by the young rookie conductor which are corrected with some added animosity by his much more experienced driver. They eventually get to know each other before discovering that a train headed in their direction is traveling without anyone at the wheel.

November 16th DVD Releases

This week we have a wide array of new releases to please the soul.  Jim Carrey taking on a holiday classic, really tall blue aliens in their um-teenth release and the book series turned cartoon series turned M. Night movie that had to drop its origal title because of the aforementioned blue aliens who could probably start in the NBA All-Star game.  Happy Holiday shopping.

Movie Trailers Galore!!

Just a few (I use that term loosely here) trailers for some upcoming films headed our way pretty soon.  Don't feel like watching them all?  Here's a couple suggestions; The Kung Fu Panda 2 teaser is pretty funny and the trailer for Hall Pass has some funny moments, watch closely at the end.  More soon.  Enjoy!

November 9th DVD Releases

This week's releases are led by the Epic of Epic Epicness and bunch of guys who choose to act like they were kids again for a weekend.  Topped off by one of my personal favorite crude cartoon television programs, The Boondocks.

Lovers of Poetry, take a trip over to Never Land!

Although still quite "wet behind the ears" when it comes to this writing thing, I have developed an opinion about it.  At first, I hated it, couldn't stand it.  I was very good at it in school, in fact English was indeed my best subject, well other than P.E. (if you want to count that).  I usually got decent grades, not always though due to laziness, but never really enjoyed it.  In fact one assignment we were given while in 11th grade consisted of a literary outline about the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.  Great book but I forgot to actually do the assignment until it was almost too late.  It was due on a Monday and I suddenly remembered the Saturday afternoon before.  No one is thinking about doing homework during the weekend, especially not me.  That was my time for basketball and an awful lot of television. 

Not wanting to take yet another bad grade in a class that came easy to me, I sucked it up and followed the instructions our teacher gave us to a preciseness.  It must have taken me like half an hour to complete the entire thing.  I kind of just slept walked through it.  I really didn't care, it was better than getting a "0" and now I was free to waste my weekend anyway I saw fit.


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