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Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 37

Episode 37 and counting…"She’s Not There"

So Sookie is a fairy or fae or whatever you want to call her. Just don’t call her unattractive because that she is still not. She gets a chance to visit what I call “Fairyland” or so she thought. Things quickly take a turn for the worse in a hurry when she is sought after by yet another group of supernatural beings. Her life just can’t be normal can it? She briefly reunites with her Grandfather (which to me was the most solemnly genuine character interaction of the episode) and returns home to discover that she has been away for an entire year. 12 and half months to be exact which only felt like 15 minutes to her. Her brother, Jason, has sold her house and become a full blown police officer. He seems to be all grown up.

TRUE BLOOD: 3 seasons in 5 minutes

Are you a fan of TRUE BLOOD? Of course you are. I mean why wouldn't you be? If you are, besides being super-intelligent because you are a fan, then you already know that the Fourth season begins tonight on HBO at 9pm. It's been pretty much almost an entire year since the Third one ended. So if you forgot any of the happenings of that or any of the previous episodes of the series, then I have a gift for you. Below lies a recap of the entire series in five minutes. You can thank me later. Enjoy.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

We know how we all feel about the previous X-Men films. And, well, that feeling is not too good. Personally, I felt part 1 was decent but weak at the same time. I honestly really enjoyed the first sequel. The action, introduction of new characters and overall plot was great. Then we were introduced to the third installment and we wanted to cry. Cry due to mourning over a franchise which seemed to have such great promise. Then news dropped of several possible spin-offs depicting our favorite mutants and the telling of their origins. First up, arguably the most popular X-Man, Wolverine. Our tears from the last movie were followed by the laying of black flowers on the franchises’ grave after that project. It did wonderful at the Box Office, despite being leaked prior to its release, but the quality of the movie was pretty subpar. We removed our funeral clothing at the end of the day and prepared ourselves for no more X-Men movies. Well at least we hoped.


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