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Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 41

Episode 41 and counting… “I Hate You, I Love You”

So Sookie seems to be falling for the same man, well vampire, that she used to absolutely loathe.  Although Eric has become a character who has lost his “vampire balls”, he has begun to find a path into Ms. Stackhouse’s good graces, and her bed for that matter.  Yeah, they didn’t have sex but cuddling can be considered a very intimate activity.  Even between human and vampire.  Ms. Portia Bellefleur doesn’t seem to mind that she has been boning her great-great-great-great grandfather in the form of Bill.  She even researched the topic and tried to convince King Compton that incest isn’t so bad and it’s a good idea to continue their sex-capades.  Bill quickly glamour’s her into feeling the opposite and she runs away screaming.

The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer

Nothing else to say other than "Watch":

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 40

Episode 40 and counting… "I’m Alive and On Fire"

This week’s episode continues to have Eric being a “nice” guy but also somewhat delusional after draining and killing Sookie’s fairy-godmother.  She enlists the help of Alcide to find him after he runs off.  They locate him swimming in a lake during the day just before he begins to catch some serious burns from the sun.  There is more chemistry caught on screen between Sookie and Alcide, including Sookie staring him up and down when he begins to undress to shift into a wolf.  You can also tell there’s going to be some tension between him and his girlfriend due to his interaction with our main character.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II (2011)

Sitting in the theater I waited surprisingly patient for the conclusion of the end.  The end of an epic, the end of an era, the end of something rather big.  Heck, you might as well call the Harry Potter series this generations Star Wars.  Yeah, it lasted two more movies than the latter did but still, it’s that big a deal.  I got there pretty early, finished up my nachos and reluctantly listened to the mixed crowd of mostly young and quite annoying people count down the time until the final installment began.  Finally, the lights lowered, the speakers awoken and we were met with about almost 10 minutes of previews.  The only one I was really, really, really (did I use enough really’s) looking forward to was The Dark Knight Rises.  Yeah I saw it already but I was actually a little nervous to see it on the big screen.  After it was over, I kind of felt like my evening had reached its climax.  I realized I was more looking forward to this 1:36 teaser trailer than the actual feature film I had paid money for.  It was then that I knew what a woman felt like whose partner didn’t quite last as long as she had hoped.  But, thankfully, that all changed about a half hour into the movie.

Harry (Danielle Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) are still looking for the Horcruxes.  For those of you who don’t follow, these are seemingly random items that are the keys to defeating the Dark Lord known as Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes).  He has recently gathered the Elder Wand (a wand that makes its owner unbeatable) and is gaining strength.  The crew as I call them must desperately find the remaining Horcruxes and destroy them in order to have any shot at defeating this wizard.  Throughout the film, and book, they enlist help from any and everywhere they can possibly find it.  All the way up to the point where You-Know-Who comes gently knocking on the walls of Hogwarts castle looking to kill “the boy who lived”.

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 39

Episode 39 and counting… “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?”

Another good episode. Seems season four is going for the record of most great episodes in a row. I know many True Blood fans feel that all of the episodes are great but I feel some are better than others. So far this season has been pretty consistent in maintaining my complete attention throughout every one. Now to the nitty gritty: Sookie has taken on the role of caretaker for an amnesia-stricken Eric. Obviously despite his forgotten memory and new found niceness about him, his vampire instincts are still very much intact. This includes biting and completely draining Sookie’s fairy godmother of her life force. An act to which he simply replies “Sorry”. Still classic Eric.

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 38

Episode 38 and counting…“You Smell Like Dinner”

Oh my stakes! I know that was pretty cheesy but it was meant to be. This week’s episode was possibly even bigger than the major hype that last week’s premiere brought along with it. Sookie is really having a difficult time having Eric so involved, and infatuated, with her life. It’s hilarious to hear her get upset and start cursing like when she discovered Eric’s sleeping cubby. “What the mother**k?!” Hilarious! Our vampire sheriff is really pulling out all the stops trying to get Sookie to like him. It seems she’s immune to the charm that has all of the shows female fans uncrossing and then re-crossing their legs whenever he shows up on screen. But for how long can she resist?

Sam’s life is taking a turn for the better, a most beautiful better. Luna (Janina Gravankar) is certainly a site to behold, especially from behind according to Sam. I was pretty surprised at how quickly he got her to like him. I guess ‘ol Merlotte has got some game. Her past looks to be pretty interesting as it unfolds in the coming weeks. Arlene’s paranoia about her son continues to grow to the point of hysteria. She receives a blood shot eye for her troubles, and from what it looks like, her baby boy gave it to her. Maybe she should quit telling him how terrible he’s going to be. Jason is in even more of a pickle than we last left him. His love, Crystal, has finally returned but with her brother/fiancĂ©/lover right beside her. They have some pretty extreme plans for Jay and he has no wishes to be a part of them. Becoming a were-panther isn’t for everyone.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Despite all of the ongoing negativity of the previous Transformers film, Revenge of the Fallen, the great and all-powerful Michael Bay has returned to bring us what is said to be the final piece in his trilogy. Dark of the Moon looked awfully awesome in pretty much all of its trailers. But, as I said to myself, someone who grew up watching the animated series on television and who also watched the entire original 1986 movie on You Tube one night for the heck of it, Bay’s films always look great in their trailers. This is true. Anyone care to disagree? But I simply couldn’t prevent myself from getting uber-excited as the release date drew nearer and nearer. I thoroughly enjoyed the first film and was slightly disappointed with the second. Hoping that they would bring a darker edge to the story and cut down on some of the comedy, I bought my ticket and sat in my seat.

The story to Dark of the Moon feels like it wants to be complicated, like it wants to be one of those science fiction plotlines that will keep you so fixated on every word that your eardrum might begin to bleed. But it’s not. It’s pretty basic and easy to follow. This is a good thing. A good thing because for a film such as this, you really want to just sit back and marvel at the special effects and action. In a nutshell, it has come to the attention of our hero Autobots that a spaceship from Cybertron, their home planet, actually crashed on the moon back in 1961. It has also come to the attention of our hero Autobots that there are humans that knew about this event and who failed to mention a word of it to anyone. Upon further investigation of the ship, Optimus and Ratchet discover another Autobot on it. I’ll use the word out-of-commission to describe the state that he laid in upon the ship.


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