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Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 40

Episode 40 and counting… "I’m Alive and On Fire"

This week’s episode continues to have Eric being a “nice” guy but also somewhat delusional after draining and killing Sookie’s fairy-godmother.  She enlists the help of Alcide to find him after he runs off.  They locate him swimming in a lake during the day just before he begins to catch some serious burns from the sun.  There is more chemistry caught on screen between Sookie and Alcide, including Sookie staring him up and down when he begins to undress to shift into a wolf.  You can also tell there’s going to be some tension between him and his girlfriend due to his interaction with our main character.

A brief exchange between Bill and Sookie shows there’s still something there between them after he tries to search her home for his Sheriff, Eric.  He also discovers the woman he’s been boning, Portia Bellefleur, is actually his great-great-great-great granddaughter.  Ewww.  Lafayette, Jesus and Tara return to Marnie for help of restoring Eric’s memory.  She reluctantly agrees to help after she has a rather vivid dream about the witch who she’s been channeling.  During an attempt to cast the spell needed to bring Eric back to his badass ways, she gets taken over again and dishes out some pretty nasty magic Pam’s direction.  I hope they don’t mess with Pam too much this season.  She’s the only thing we have left now that Eric is a mindless pansy. 

Jason finally manages to escape after he convinces a girl whom he was supposed to impregnate to help him.  Something I found pretty funny was a line he said after he yelled at one of the women to get off of him and she began to sob.  “I don’t know why you’re crying, I’m the one getting raped”.  During his attempt to get as far away from the were-panther clan as possible, he kills Felton and warns Crystal to stay away from him.  She seems pretty confident despite his threats that he will return to her after the next full moon.  He is picked up by Hoyt and Jessica after he collapses on the side of a road.  

Arlene and Terry get a fright at the hands of their young son.  The little tike seems to write the words “Baby Not Yours” on the wall of their apartment.  Hard to believe a baby was able to put together a string of words nonetheless write them in perfect spelling but this is Bon Temps after all.  Tommy returns to his mother only to discover that he was tricked into coming home so he could dog fight again for his parents.  Last time we saw him, his father had a pretty sturdy grip around his neck with a chain.  Meanwhile Maxine is feverishly looking for him back home, even harassing Sam about his brothers disappearance.  Sam is surprised to find out that his new love interest, Luna, has a daughter and pretty jealous werewolf ex-boyfriend.

I’m think I am the most interested in finding out how the direction they take the Sookie-Alcide-Eric-Bill rectangle story.  I know I spoke about it before but it just seems like the part of the show that has the most possibilities.  I personally think that Sookie and Alcide are the best match but I guess we will indeed find out.  Maybe she’ll sample them all before making her final decision.  Having Jason possibly turn into a were-panther will seriously no doubt complicate his life.  At least we know his sister will always take him in.

 The Pam/Marnie-Witch scene yielded some of the better special effects I’ve seen so far in the True Blood series.  Hopefully Pam will able to heal her wilted face, I like her.  I have a feeling that this ancient incest thing between Bill and Portia won’t stop them from letting their inter-connecting parts meet.  This judging from the lack of utter disgust from Portia after hearing the news that she’s been sexing her great-great-great-great grandfather.  Ewww.  Until next week, go forth my friends and do bad things.


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