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Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 39

Episode 39 and counting… “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?”

Another good episode. Seems season four is going for the record of most great episodes in a row. I know many True Blood fans feel that all of the episodes are great but I feel some are better than others. So far this season has been pretty consistent in maintaining my complete attention throughout every one. Now to the nitty gritty: Sookie has taken on the role of caretaker for an amnesia-stricken Eric. Obviously despite his forgotten memory and new found niceness about him, his vampire instincts are still very much intact. This includes biting and completely draining Sookie’s fairy godmother of her life force. An act to which he simply replies “Sorry”. Still classic Eric.

Bill has really settled into his role as King. He now has another pair of female legs that he can play between. I think his number of sexual conquests is the highest so far this season. His total sits at 2 in three episodes. Go Bill. After the exchange between Eric and the Wiccan coven, Lafayette feels it is a great idea to throw himself before the 1,000 year old vampire and beg forgiveness. Despite the efforts of Tara and Jesus, he manages to find himself at Fangtasia and is saved just before Pam goes all woman scorned on him. Sam tries to set his brother straight after he discovers his brother has a plan to cheat Maxine Fortenberry out of the natural resources below her home.

Jessica confesses to Hoyt about her infidelity after a discussion with Bill and then glamours him when he becomes upset. The most “F’d” up part of the episode to me is what is happening to Jason. He is still tied up and going through the transformation from human to werepanther. Last we saw him, he was about to be gang-raped by Crystal and the rest of the werepanther females. A situation like that can be a guys fondest dream but not in the way that Jason is currently stuck. He may have some crazy child support bills to feed all of those cubs.

All in all, good episode, can’t wait for next week. I’m especially interested to see what happens between Eric and Sookie. Something about his new personality reeks of potential romance there. The return of Alcide, the werewolf, to the show could throw a monkey wrench into the entire thing however. Even though he is back together with his ex-girlfriend, you could also tell since last season that there was something there between them. I suppose we all shall see. Sunday night brings another episode. ‘Till then, do bad things.


msmariah said...

I've been really enjoying True Blood this year. I thought that parts of the 3rd season were weak, but the 4th is off to a decent start.

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