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Review BLOOD: Re-cap of Ep. 43

Episode 43 and counting…“Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

The full moon evening that took us to the end of the last episode also opens the beginning of this one.  Sookie and Eric must really have been pretty backed up because they’re love fest lasted an awfully long time.  Beginning in the forest and ending in Sookie’s bed with different stops in-between, they made sure they satisfied their sexual desire.  They also enjoyed a nice cuddle session afterwards which got a little cheesy for my tastes.  Still seeing Eric act like a perfect gentleman is very strange, and a little sickening at times.

Review BLOOD: Re-cap of Ep. 42

Episode 42 and counting…"I Wish I Was the Moon"

Sookie has been rather warmly welcomed back into the world of sex by her amnesiac of a housemate vampire, Eric.  The episode starts off very steamy but it is interrupted by King Bill.  After realizing what has happened to Eric firsthand, he suggests that Eric suffer the “true death”, of course.  Although he is probably un-reparably hurt by the sight of Eric and Sookie’s naked bodies entangled in each other, you can see him struggle with his decision to take Eric into custody and kill him.  Of course, his “heart” gets the best of him at the end (like we didn’t see that coming, they’re not going to kill off Eric) and lets the Viking return to his Sookie.  The episode ends with them getting it on pretty good in the woods.  After all, it's everyone’s fantasy to sex someone in the forest, isn’t it?


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