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Review BLOOD: Re-cap of Ep. 42

Episode 42 and counting…"I Wish I Was the Moon"

Sookie has been rather warmly welcomed back into the world of sex by her amnesiac of a housemate vampire, Eric.  The episode starts off very steamy but it is interrupted by King Bill.  After realizing what has happened to Eric firsthand, he suggests that Eric suffer the “true death”, of course.  Although he is probably un-reparably hurt by the sight of Eric and Sookie’s naked bodies entangled in each other, you can see him struggle with his decision to take Eric into custody and kill him.  Of course, his “heart” gets the best of him at the end (like we didn’t see that coming, they’re not going to kill off Eric) and lets the Viking return to his Sookie.  The episode ends with them getting it on pretty good in the woods.  After all, it's everyone’s fantasy to sex someone in the forest, isn’t it?

Lafayette and Jesus find themselves dealing with some pretty serious magic that seems beyond being dark when they arrive at Jesus’ uncles’ house.  Between Lafayette being possessed by another one of Jesus’ uncles and Marnie being possessed by the witch that has been taking her over as of late, I’d say this episode was pretty freaky indeed.  Tara’s girlfriend comes to find her in Bon Temp and they have a sex session of their own.  Instead of leaving right away, they find themselves having stuck around a little too long when Pam arrives to exact her revenge.

Jason, afraid of becoming a werepanther, handcuffs himself to his bed only to be reluctantly freed by his sister.  He manages to escape her watchful, worrying eye and scurries off into the woods in an attempt to separate himself in case he shifts into a big, black cat.  Having consumed her blood, Jessica comes to his aid when she senses his distress.  She ignores her shift at Merlotte’s to stay with him in the forest…for comfort.  Despite not changing into a panther, Jason finds himself sharing a moment with Jessica which further foreshadows something happening between the two of them.  Alcide is being forced into joining a new pack after Debbie goes behind his back and tells the leader that she’ll join.  His brief encounter with Sookie in the woods shows that he still cares for her. 

Arlene and Terry have lost their home to an inexplicable fire.  Their “devil spawn” child, Mikey, is now seeing some strange woman that no one else can’t.  Another freaky moment.  I’m sure there’s some sort of connection between everything that has been happening to them and the dingy doll that Jessica gave to Mikey as a present.  The little bundle of doom is sure to be a handful in the coming weeks.  Tommy, somehow, discovers that he can now shift into other people, not just animals.  He un-voluntarily shifts into his brother, Sam, and manages to score some Latino booty when Luna comes a calling all hot and bothered.  After he beds her, he dismisses her good and proper-like which obviously confuses and angers Luna.  No doubt Sam will have to deal with the fact that his brother has managed to sleep with his new girl before he has. 

I like the development between Jason and Jessica.  I feel it brings some interesting substance to a storyline that might just have been the weakest on the show.  I’m quite interested in seeing what the newly inhabited Marnie will now do to the vampires of the show.  A possible all out witch-vampire war might be on the horizon from her return to witchy power.  The fact that this episode kind of revolved around the full moon shining down upon the town was a cool plot detail that was consistently pointed out.  Seeing how the usual season length for True Blood is 12 episodes, we are half way through this one.  That was quick.  I’m quite sure everyone is looking forward to the second half.  While we wait for it begin, go forth and do bad things.    


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