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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

After just over a year, the Twi-nomenon has returned in all of its twi-glory.  Twi-hards can be heard rejoicing all over the en-twire world.  The twi-series is back to earning to some major twi-bucks.  Okay, that’s enough of that.  Love it, hate it or just not really caring much about it at all (I place myself in the latter), TWILIGHT is guaranteed for at least one thing; complete Box Office dominance.  It did not disappoint earning itself a spot behind the very epic DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 that premiered back in July for the second highest grossing opening weekend this year.  Not bad, but there is a line to be drawn between quantity (ticket sales) and film quality. 

For those of you who follow my writing you might remember my mini-adventure involving ECLIPSE.  If not, you can read it here.  Those of you who don’t should hang your head in utter shame.  Since I put time and effort into that film, I figured I might as well attempt to do the same for this one.  Only I didn’t, I was simply invited and figured ‘why not?’, if anything I’ll earn myself a free 2 hours of sleep.  But while I actually felt that BREAKING DAWN’s predecessor was a semi-decent film, I don’t really feel like I can say the same for the latest chapter however.

The Howling Reborn

A nice change from the usual supernatural beings vs. supernatural beings storyline, THE HOWLING REBORN focuses upon just one member of the group.  I think out of all them, I might choose to become a werewolf if I were given a choice.  Sure, vampires and monsters are cool but do you really want to live forever and drink nothing but blood all the time?  With werewolves, you still get the super strength, fast healing powers and for some reason they always look like they’ve spent an eternity in the gym.  You still get to eat regular food and see the sun from time to time.  Yeah, I think I’ll take that one.  Joe Nimziki’s film about the creatures is unrelated to any of the other HOWLING chapters, and there are plenty, but it is actually based upon the novel, THE HOWLING II by Gary Bradner.

The plot is fairly easy to follow.  A woman artist, Catherine (Ivana Milicevic), is unexpectedly attacked by an unseen assailant while she is pregnant.  18 years later, guess what?  We are introduced to our main character, Will (Landon Liboiron), who lives with his single father and is on the horizon of graduating the lovely prison  some of us call high school.  Of course there is a beautiful girl, Eliana (Lindsey Shaw), he has been obsessing over for the past four years but has never had the guts to even say hi.  He has some choice run-ins with her Abercrombie & Fitch boyfriend that leave him a little scratched and bruised. On the day of graduation he begins to feel a little strange and notices his body is going through some changes that he can’t credit to puberty anymore.  Throughout the day, he faces many encounters as his mysterious past origins are finally explained and he takes a chance on life and love with the girl of his dreams.

Sean's Halloween Horrorfest

The day that they call All-Hallows-Eve is upon us.  Every year we think about creative ways to dress up our children in cute and funny little costumes so they can pretend to be someone else for a day.  The more candy they bring home the higher their confidence and energy rises along with parents’ frustration of now having super-hyped children doped up on sugar running around the house.  Halloween also gives women the excuse to dress in skimpy outfits and not be ridiculed for it.  Honestly, I think if females could wear these outfits to work, they would.  I mean we (men) aren’t going to stop them.  We’ll simply have to sacrifice some production at work to get another type of sweets; Eye-candy.

Those of us who love film, however, coincide Halloween with the horror genre.  Oh, how we love it so.  For us, Halloween is an excuse for us to scare the liquid crap out of those un-brave souls who always prefer to watch another type of movie.  Well this is our time and we reserve the right to embrace it.  No, I haven’t seen every horror film in the very vast library of spookiness and I will even admit that I am missing some of the classics on my career list.  But in my quest to see as many as I possibly can before the good Lord decides to return and place judgment upon us all, I was able to see and deem an opinion on these select couple that will follow below.

Review BLOOD: Re-cap of Ep. 43

Episode 43 and counting…“Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

The full moon evening that took us to the end of the last episode also opens the beginning of this one.  Sookie and Eric must really have been pretty backed up because they’re love fest lasted an awfully long time.  Beginning in the forest and ending in Sookie’s bed with different stops in-between, they made sure they satisfied their sexual desire.  They also enjoyed a nice cuddle session afterwards which got a little cheesy for my tastes.  Still seeing Eric act like a perfect gentleman is very strange, and a little sickening at times.

Review BLOOD: Re-cap of Ep. 42

Episode 42 and counting…"I Wish I Was the Moon"

Sookie has been rather warmly welcomed back into the world of sex by her amnesiac of a housemate vampire, Eric.  The episode starts off very steamy but it is interrupted by King Bill.  After realizing what has happened to Eric firsthand, he suggests that Eric suffer the “true death”, of course.  Although he is probably un-reparably hurt by the sight of Eric and Sookie’s naked bodies entangled in each other, you can see him struggle with his decision to take Eric into custody and kill him.  Of course, his “heart” gets the best of him at the end (like we didn’t see that coming, they’re not going to kill off Eric) and lets the Viking return to his Sookie.  The episode ends with them getting it on pretty good in the woods.  After all, it's everyone’s fantasy to sex someone in the forest, isn’t it?

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 41

Episode 41 and counting… “I Hate You, I Love You”

So Sookie seems to be falling for the same man, well vampire, that she used to absolutely loathe.  Although Eric has become a character who has lost his “vampire balls”, he has begun to find a path into Ms. Stackhouse’s good graces, and her bed for that matter.  Yeah, they didn’t have sex but cuddling can be considered a very intimate activity.  Even between human and vampire.  Ms. Portia Bellefleur doesn’t seem to mind that she has been boning her great-great-great-great grandfather in the form of Bill.  She even researched the topic and tried to convince King Compton that incest isn’t so bad and it’s a good idea to continue their sex-capades.  Bill quickly glamour’s her into feeling the opposite and she runs away screaming.

The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer

Nothing else to say other than "Watch":

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 40

Episode 40 and counting… "I’m Alive and On Fire"

This week’s episode continues to have Eric being a “nice” guy but also somewhat delusional after draining and killing Sookie’s fairy-godmother.  She enlists the help of Alcide to find him after he runs off.  They locate him swimming in a lake during the day just before he begins to catch some serious burns from the sun.  There is more chemistry caught on screen between Sookie and Alcide, including Sookie staring him up and down when he begins to undress to shift into a wolf.  You can also tell there’s going to be some tension between him and his girlfriend due to his interaction with our main character.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II (2011)

Sitting in the theater I waited surprisingly patient for the conclusion of the end.  The end of an epic, the end of an era, the end of something rather big.  Heck, you might as well call the Harry Potter series this generations Star Wars.  Yeah, it lasted two more movies than the latter did but still, it’s that big a deal.  I got there pretty early, finished up my nachos and reluctantly listened to the mixed crowd of mostly young and quite annoying people count down the time until the final installment began.  Finally, the lights lowered, the speakers awoken and we were met with about almost 10 minutes of previews.  The only one I was really, really, really (did I use enough really’s) looking forward to was The Dark Knight Rises.  Yeah I saw it already but I was actually a little nervous to see it on the big screen.  After it was over, I kind of felt like my evening had reached its climax.  I realized I was more looking forward to this 1:36 teaser trailer than the actual feature film I had paid money for.  It was then that I knew what a woman felt like whose partner didn’t quite last as long as she had hoped.  But, thankfully, that all changed about a half hour into the movie.

Harry (Danielle Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) are still looking for the Horcruxes.  For those of you who don’t follow, these are seemingly random items that are the keys to defeating the Dark Lord known as Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes).  He has recently gathered the Elder Wand (a wand that makes its owner unbeatable) and is gaining strength.  The crew as I call them must desperately find the remaining Horcruxes and destroy them in order to have any shot at defeating this wizard.  Throughout the film, and book, they enlist help from any and everywhere they can possibly find it.  All the way up to the point where You-Know-Who comes gently knocking on the walls of Hogwarts castle looking to kill “the boy who lived”.

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 39

Episode 39 and counting… “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?”

Another good episode. Seems season four is going for the record of most great episodes in a row. I know many True Blood fans feel that all of the episodes are great but I feel some are better than others. So far this season has been pretty consistent in maintaining my complete attention throughout every one. Now to the nitty gritty: Sookie has taken on the role of caretaker for an amnesia-stricken Eric. Obviously despite his forgotten memory and new found niceness about him, his vampire instincts are still very much intact. This includes biting and completely draining Sookie’s fairy godmother of her life force. An act to which he simply replies “Sorry”. Still classic Eric.

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 38

Episode 38 and counting…“You Smell Like Dinner”

Oh my stakes! I know that was pretty cheesy but it was meant to be. This week’s episode was possibly even bigger than the major hype that last week’s premiere brought along with it. Sookie is really having a difficult time having Eric so involved, and infatuated, with her life. It’s hilarious to hear her get upset and start cursing like when she discovered Eric’s sleeping cubby. “What the mother**k?!” Hilarious! Our vampire sheriff is really pulling out all the stops trying to get Sookie to like him. It seems she’s immune to the charm that has all of the shows female fans uncrossing and then re-crossing their legs whenever he shows up on screen. But for how long can she resist?

Sam’s life is taking a turn for the better, a most beautiful better. Luna (Janina Gravankar) is certainly a site to behold, especially from behind according to Sam. I was pretty surprised at how quickly he got her to like him. I guess ‘ol Merlotte has got some game. Her past looks to be pretty interesting as it unfolds in the coming weeks. Arlene’s paranoia about her son continues to grow to the point of hysteria. She receives a blood shot eye for her troubles, and from what it looks like, her baby boy gave it to her. Maybe she should quit telling him how terrible he’s going to be. Jason is in even more of a pickle than we last left him. His love, Crystal, has finally returned but with her brother/fiancé/lover right beside her. They have some pretty extreme plans for Jay and he has no wishes to be a part of them. Becoming a were-panther isn’t for everyone.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Despite all of the ongoing negativity of the previous Transformers film, Revenge of the Fallen, the great and all-powerful Michael Bay has returned to bring us what is said to be the final piece in his trilogy. Dark of the Moon looked awfully awesome in pretty much all of its trailers. But, as I said to myself, someone who grew up watching the animated series on television and who also watched the entire original 1986 movie on You Tube one night for the heck of it, Bay’s films always look great in their trailers. This is true. Anyone care to disagree? But I simply couldn’t prevent myself from getting uber-excited as the release date drew nearer and nearer. I thoroughly enjoyed the first film and was slightly disappointed with the second. Hoping that they would bring a darker edge to the story and cut down on some of the comedy, I bought my ticket and sat in my seat.

The story to Dark of the Moon feels like it wants to be complicated, like it wants to be one of those science fiction plotlines that will keep you so fixated on every word that your eardrum might begin to bleed. But it’s not. It’s pretty basic and easy to follow. This is a good thing. A good thing because for a film such as this, you really want to just sit back and marvel at the special effects and action. In a nutshell, it has come to the attention of our hero Autobots that a spaceship from Cybertron, their home planet, actually crashed on the moon back in 1961. It has also come to the attention of our hero Autobots that there are humans that knew about this event and who failed to mention a word of it to anyone. Upon further investigation of the ship, Optimus and Ratchet discover another Autobot on it. I’ll use the word out-of-commission to describe the state that he laid in upon the ship.

Review Blood: Re-cap of Ep. 37

Episode 37 and counting…"She’s Not There"

So Sookie is a fairy or fae or whatever you want to call her. Just don’t call her unattractive because that she is still not. She gets a chance to visit what I call “Fairyland” or so she thought. Things quickly take a turn for the worse in a hurry when she is sought after by yet another group of supernatural beings. Her life just can’t be normal can it? She briefly reunites with her Grandfather (which to me was the most solemnly genuine character interaction of the episode) and returns home to discover that she has been away for an entire year. 12 and half months to be exact which only felt like 15 minutes to her. Her brother, Jason, has sold her house and become a full blown police officer. He seems to be all grown up.

TRUE BLOOD: 3 seasons in 5 minutes

Are you a fan of TRUE BLOOD? Of course you are. I mean why wouldn't you be? If you are, besides being super-intelligent because you are a fan, then you already know that the Fourth season begins tonight on HBO at 9pm. It's been pretty much almost an entire year since the Third one ended. So if you forgot any of the happenings of that or any of the previous episodes of the series, then I have a gift for you. Below lies a recap of the entire series in five minutes. You can thank me later. Enjoy.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

We know how we all feel about the previous X-Men films. And, well, that feeling is not too good. Personally, I felt part 1 was decent but weak at the same time. I honestly really enjoyed the first sequel. The action, introduction of new characters and overall plot was great. Then we were introduced to the third installment and we wanted to cry. Cry due to mourning over a franchise which seemed to have such great promise. Then news dropped of several possible spin-offs depicting our favorite mutants and the telling of their origins. First up, arguably the most popular X-Man, Wolverine. Our tears from the last movie were followed by the laying of black flowers on the franchises’ grave after that project. It did wonderful at the Box Office, despite being leaked prior to its release, but the quality of the movie was pretty subpar. We removed our funeral clothing at the end of the day and prepared ourselves for no more X-Men movies. Well at least we hoped.

Me vs. the Tech Nation

"The Nerds Have Won!"

So I was on the train the other day and happened to noticed what has become the acceptable fad nowadays. At least half the people in the car had their nose buried in some kind of tech device. A few months ago a TV personality Chris Hardwick made a comment about this saying "the nerds have won!" I agree with this somewhat, but to what extent did we actually win?

Whenever I see someone toying around with their smartphones and/or blackberries (that sounds dirty) and/or tablets (i.e.: ipads), I can't help but think that 10 short years ago, showing just a remote interest in these kinds of gadgets would have been considered nerdy by most people. Think about how many people had internet access in their homes during that period, back in 2000, and think about how many people are on facebook today. But what really has me raising an eyebrow to all of this is how so long ago I would have been made fun of for being into all this techie stuff, and now I'm almost made fun of for not giving a shit about it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Part four and counting, Walt Disney Pictures continues its one time trilogy into a, for now, quartet of a film franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides returns to the screen with basically some of its original, cheery-eyed cast intact. Usuals and choice favorites, Orland Bloom & Keira Knightley, chose not to reprise their roles. But everyone’s lovable and normally deceitful captain sailed his way back onto the theater. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow is with new direction this time. Rob Marshall picks up directing duties from the franchises normal head, Gore Verbinksi.

When we last found Captain Sparrow (Johnny Depp) he had set sail in a tiny dinghy in the direction of the Fountain of Youth. By now, four years later, you would think that maybe he has found it. You would be incorrect because movie time has never quite equaled real-life time. Not only has he not yet found these legendary waters but we find his first mate, Mr. Gibbs (Kevin McNally), on trial with the court believing that he is in fact Sparrow. After exchanging some dazzling pleasantries with the King of England’s superior guards, with them in pursuit of him, Sparrow crosses paths with someone from his past. Enter the still very beautiful Penelope Cruz as Angelica, yet another female that the womanizing Sparrow has “loved and left”.

Mourning The Chicago Code

It is with a very heavy heart and saddened demeanor that I pass on this dreadful news. I don't know just how many of you had begun to watch or even heard of a nice little cop-drama by the name of The Chicago Code. It starred Jennifer Beals as Teresa Colvin, the first ever female Police Superintendent for the Chicago PD. Her main mission upon becoming the highest ranking police officer in the city of Chicago was attempting to take down corrupt Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Curiosity peaked yet?

She assembles a secret and very small task force consisting of her former partner Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke), who has his own personal uncertainties at home, and Caleb Evers (Matt Lauria). They are given the green light by the Super to take on whatever and any cases they feel are the most important within the city. Also handpicked by Colvin, deep undercover officer Liam Hennessey (Billy Lush), tries to navigate his way through the corrupt ranks of Gibbons' evil empire in order to finally bring the city official to justice. The show is created by Shawn Ryan who birthed the show Terriers which was also removed from the air.

Thor (2011)

Marvel movie number whatever it is right now is the second big film of the summer.  I only say that because Fast 5 has proven itself to be the first.  Even though it is still officially Spring, the mega-blockbusters are beginning to roll themselves into theaters.  Hopefully so that many moviegoers will roll green-colored- paper out of their wallets and roll their butts into the seats.  Thor is one of many links on the path towards Marvel’s eventual Avengers destination.  The next link on this road will be Captain America, which just might turn out to better than this step. 

Chris Hemsworth takes on the role of the God of Thunder and the heir to Odin’s, the king of Asgard, (Anthony Hopkins) throne.  From the beginning of the film, the audience can sense the jealousy that is pulsating from Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor’s younger brother.  When the day finally arrives for him to realize his destiny as King, the eldest prince proves that he truly isn’t ready. He carries himself with a brash and recklessness of a warrior but not a leader.  After there is a breach in security by the Frost Giants, enemies to Odin and the people of Asgard, Thor instantly wishes to declare war upon them.  Not even the strict forbiddance of this by his father deters the eventual hero from paying the race of giants a visit.

Unthinkable (2010)

There are terrorist movies and then there are TERRORIST movies.  Unthinkable, in my opinion, falls into the latter.  We’ve all seen the films that have the Islamic-motivated individuals who have done something extreme to prove either a political or personal point at the expense of others.  They are fearless, clever and more than willing to die for their country and beliefs.  This thriller has all of this but it takes it to another level.
Steven Arthur Younger (Michael Sheen) or Yusuf Atta Mohammed, which he prefers to be referred as is an American man who has made the conversion to Islam.  He has placed three bombs in three American cities, all set to explode on the same day at the same time.  Yes, and all of them are of the nuclear nature.  He purposely allows himself to be captured by the U.S. government and is then subjected to special forms of "interrogation" by a man called "H" (Samuel L. Jackson). H has been specially hired by the government for his unique skills to deal with these specific kinds of situations.  In addition, an FBI Special Agent, Helen Brody (Carrie-Ann Moss) is requested by H to assist him in extracting the unknown locations of the nuclear 
bombs from Younger.

Dexter: Tonight's the Night

A woman is walking out of her usual coffee spot while taking a small sip of a vanilla latte that she has just purchased. She climbs into her car and drives not very far to her empty apartment. She notices a couple holding hands walking along the sidewalk that leads past her building and pauses in the night air to appreciate this moment that she yearns she had in her life. What she doesn’t notice is the man that has stepped out of his car parked in the shadows who has followed her from the coffee shop. He waits impatiently beside his vehicle until she has finished admiring the couple to begin the climb of stairs to her apartment. His palms begin to sweat with anticipation as devious thoughts tip-toe through his demented mind.

Jersey Shore: Gym, Tan, Re-cap of Season 3

Oh, what can we “shoreheads” say about the third and latest season that was the Jersey Shore? A lot I’m sure but I only have so much typing room before people begin to get tired of my rambling. Last season which was filmed in Miami while the state of New Jersey was going through a little thing we call winter, was filled with drama, fights, scandal and even more drama. Well I suppose “fights & scandal” may just be synonyms for the word drama. Sammi and JWoww duked it out first then we were quite entertained and even somewhat surprised by how well Snooki held her own against all around hated roommate Angelina.

Spin-offs for JERSEY SHORE

It's official! MTV has given the go-ahead for two new series featuring a few Jersey Shore alum. Yes, fans of the show will eventually get to see Snooki and JWoww in their own show chronicling their lives away from the shore. They will also get to check out Pauly D in his very own series following his adventures as very much sought after DJ.

After stints with the WWE, actually getting in on the action on Wrestlemania and countless numerous public appearances, Snooki is reunited with her best friend, Jenni, in their own show. According to MTV reps “viewers will get to see how they deal with life and love when the vacation is over in this 12-episode series. The locale may be different, but the friendship is sure to remain the same".

When it came to DJ Pauly D's series, they had this to say, “Pauly D’s jet-setting and often hilarious life on the road as one of the country’s most in-demand DJs. Aiming to become one of the world’s most successful and recognized names in music, viewers will get to see Pauly D chase his dream with the help of the best friends he grew up with in Rhode Island by his side,”.

Try a sip, you might like it (True Blood)

Unless you happen to be dead yourself, you should know about the undead craze that is blanketing our planet.  By undead I by no means am speaking of anything that slid out of the creative mind of one George A. Romero.  I am, however, referring to a certain race of supernatural beings that are called vampires.  Yes, the other undead.  They are immortal, super-strong, very fast, drink blood, have skin that literally pales in comparison to a humans, and can apparently fly in some story variations.

Perhaps my most fondest memories of the fanged blood-lusters are from one of my most coveted television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I mean yeah, I initially watched it because of the high degree of hotness that was Sarah Michelle Gellar.  I thought she was extremely “purty”.  But the drama powered storylines as well as the comic relief and surprising relation to real life teenage angst despite the fictitious characters forced me to continue coming back for more.  I then gravitated on over to Angel, its spin-off, when it finally debuted.  Joss Whedon happens to be something of a genius.  Since those very classic good times, different ideas and variations of vampires have been slung upon us to hopefully accept and eventually love. 

Sucker Punch (2011)...will leave you with a Black-eye that you'll like

Bringing us visual delights such as 300 & Watchmen, director Zack Snyder transfers another epic green screen production into theaters. This time around our heroes are not muscled warriors nor do they have super powers. Well not unless you consider the ability to fight giant samurai and even bigger dragons while wearing tiny outfits a super power. Sucker Punch tells the visually-powered tale of a young girl desperately trying to escape an institution that her step-father admits her to against her will.

Emily Browning plays the lead role of Baby Doll. Following the death of her mother, she is placed in an all girl institution by her step dad. While there she meets four other young girls whom she befriends; Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), her sister Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung). After struggling at first to deal with being locked away, Baby Doll is able to retreat to a type of alternate reality within her imagination which allows her to cope with her troubles. During these trips into this reality, she comes across a Wiseman (Scott Glenn) who instructs her that she needs to find five things in order to escape her prison.

Conan the Barbarian Teaser

The remake to one of Ahnuld's classics is set arrive in August; here's the first teaser:

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Independence Day, Cloverfield, The Day the Earth Stood Still, District 9, War of the Worlds; yes it would seem that we have a certain curiosity for life that is otherworldly. Heck even flicks like Predator, Men in Black & Superman are all alien related. From UFO’s to flying saucers to Martian Manhunters, we would all love to know if there is other life out there. Furthermore, we would love to know if it’s friendly. Until we receive some hardcore evidence of both, we have our books, television shows, independent You Tube video directors and by far, we have our movies. The latest and perhaps, yes, in my opinion one of the greatest to hit movie houses and midnight releases filled with patrons who apparently have no jobs to go to the next day is Battle: Los Angeles.

Aaron “Two-Face” Eckhart plays our main hero, Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz of the US Maine Corp. On the very verge of retirement, he is ordered to fall in with a group of young Marines sent to retrieve a small cluster of civilians who have been trapped by the unexpected attack of extra-terrestrials. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was thinking to himself, “FML” when he got the word he was going back into combat. What looks to be his last “Hoo-rah” takes place in, shocker, L.A. Looks like Kobe and the Lake show won’t be getting another chance to go for a title. Before you begin to think the aliens are Celtic fans, they have also invaded other major countries around the world. All of these places falling heavily and taking major losses at the hands, or whatever they use as hands, of these invaders.

I Am Number Four (2011)

Hollywood’s infatuation with beings from another world continues to populate theaters with films about aliens and invasions and alien invasions. Before we get a chance to feast our eyes on the much anticipated Battle: Los Angeles, we get to past the time with the film adaptation of the teen fiction novel, I Am Number Four. Not so much as a straight out invasion story right off the bat but a “good-guy alien running for his life” story. A slight change from always having the protagonist of the story be the human race which is usually fighting a losing battle.

Number Four/John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) looks like a normal teenager who has a pretty easy time getting blondes in bikinis to invite him for night-time rendezvous’ in the ocean. His secret is soon out when one of his kind, Number Three, is found and murdered by a group called the Mogadorians. That secret being that he is from another planet. Yes, an alien with special powers that he hasn’t quite come to master full control over just yet. Sound familiar? No? Ok, I’ll keep going. John is one of nine toddlers who were sent to Earth along with their protectors for their safety. Three are now dead, leaving six remaining. His guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant), also from the planet of Lorien is his sole adult influence and protector makes the decision it’s time to pack up and leave, again, from their home of Florida after a small mishap with that same blonde in the bikini exposes his true identity. Still not familiar? Ok, continuing on.

Television, how I’ve missed you so

            I used to revel in the idea of rushing home to watch cartoons after school as a kid.  Even more so about the notion of waking up early on a Saturday morning to flip through the abundance of animated entertainment that was on T.V.  I would provide you with a list of 'toons that I so coveted but that might literally take a week or so.  But amongst the top would have to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original one, even though I did watch the new one as well) and probably X-Men. 

To the disappointment of my parents, I allowed the glow of the tube to shower over me quite often.  I just loved to watch T.V.  You can imagine how the “school week” rule threw a monkey wrench the size of Kim Dash’s ass in my plans to watch all of my shows.  The rule clearly stated that during the week, no television was to be watched.  My brother and I could go outside and play after we finished our homework but no television watching.

Our way around this was to record every show that we wanted to watch during the week and play them back during the weekend.  After the amount of hours that we packed onto one tape was watched, we seldom had time to do other things.  Especially when Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers came out.  For some reason, we thought that show was pure gold.  ~Looks off into space reminiscing: *Pink Ranger*~  

Black Swan (2010)

Met with critical acclaim after it was first released at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in September of 2010, Black Swan has since gone on to gather even more fame and hype.  Mostly due to its’ combination of elegant dance and the deep psychological portrayal of a person under pressure to simply be perfect.   Natalie Portman headlines a film filled with sex, drugs, emotional & physical stress and just plain paranoia.

Nina (Natalie Portman), an aspiring and paralyzingly-timid ballet dancer, competes and is ultimately chosen to dance the lead role in an upcoming production of the classic Swan Lake.  In order to completely pull this role off, she must take on the duties of portraying two characters.  The first persona that she must accept is that of the White Swan, a role in which the ballet director, Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), finds her perfect for.  Her desire to be perfect in every move and motion plays directly into what is needed to be a great White Swan.  The White Swan’s evil twin, the Black Swan, is slightly more difficult for her to grasp.  She isn’t used to dancing with the recklessness and abandon that is encouraged to dance this role.

Blue Valentine (2010)

During the 26th Annual Sundance Film Festival in January 2010, many films were introduced to the world. Many films that went on to do well among public audiences. Films such as Winter’s Bone, Waiting for Superman & Happythankyoumoreplease. Another film, directed by Derek Cianfrance, entitled Blue Valentine also seemed to get a lot of attention due to its deep drama induced story about a married couple played by Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams. After a good showing at Sundance as well as other festivals, Blue Valentine finally found its way into theaters nationwide.

The story begins with the couples’ daughter Frankie (Faith Wladyka) looking for her dog, Megan, who has gotten out of the yard. After not finding her, she wakes up her father, Dean (Ryan Gosling) who playfully disturbs the slumber of his wife, Cindy (Michelle Williams). The audience is then introduced to the occupation of both; Cindy is a nurse while Dean is a painter. Like every other married couple, they go through their trials and tribulations as we are taken through a routine day in their life. The story is filmed in such a way that shows the two as they are in the present while flashing back to tell the origin of how they came to be.

Takers (2010)

With all of the films chronicling the schemes and usually well thought out plans of bank robbers and thieves, the introduction of Takers didn’t really have me too excited.  The only difference that I could really see judging from all of the trailers and sneak peeks were that these particular robbers were very well dressed.  The John Luessenhop directed project takes us into the lives of a pretty close knit bunch living the high life and reaping the benefits of their chosen illegal career field.

            The team of takers consist of a rather ensemble cast headed up by Gordon Cozier (Idris Elba).  His second in command and best friend, John (Paul Walker), helps to run their crew of determined heister's.  The film begins with the group about to pull off another job on an unsuspecting banking establishment.  They are crisp, fast, strategic and downright perfect in their execution of obtaining their goal without managing to hurt any innocent patrons or employees.  Detectives Jack Welles (Matt Dillon) & Eddie Hatcher (Jay Hernandez) are the police officials assigned to the case.  Both cop with their own personal story among the many sub-plots included in this film.

January 25th DVD Releases

The action comedy Red leads the new release charge this week along with The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by its side.  Disney's Secretariat also races across the release finish line to entertain families from their DVD players.  Much to many movie goers delight, Saw: The Final Chapter signifies the end of the franchise as well to a cease fire on grossing people out.  For Russell Crowe fans, one of his finest, A Beautiful Mind releases on Blu-ray.  Other great films are The Color Purple & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Happy viewing!

Tron: Legacy (2010)

Almost three whole decades after its predecessor, Disney brings us back to the grid with Tron: Legacy. Funny as it may seem, the special effects used to create the virtual world in the original film was seen as some pretty state-of-the-art stuff back in 1982. It almost seems kind of unfair to compare to it to this sequel. Technology has taken a giant step or two in the last thirty years or so. The grid, as Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) calls it, is now brought to us in crisp 3-D.

Since creating the uber-popular video game, Tron, Flynn has taken over the company known as ENCOM. He has turned it into a very likeable and successful software giant until he mysteriously disappears. His son, Sam (Garret Hedlund), has no plans on filling his father’s shoes despite owning controlling shares in the international empire. After Flynn’s disappearance, the higher-ups in the company begin to take it in a direction that he had never intended. Despite not wanting a part in fixing the company, Sam occasionally drops in to make the developers who work there jobs a little tough.

January 18th DVD Releases

Takers comes to us on DVD this week which according to some females is filled with "man candy".  Ryan Reynolds lays in a box in Buried. Bobby DeNiro, Milla Jovovich & Edward Norton Jr. in Stone and Timothy Olyphant's performance in the 1st season of Justified.  Also a primetime soap opera classic, Dallas, releases it's 14th season on DVD.  Yeah, 14th.  Death Race sequel and the comedy about "losing it", The Virginity Hit drop as well.  Go get 'em!

The Golden Network?

                I am aware that I am not on the committee that chooses the nominees and the winners of such award shows as the Oscars, Critic Choice Awards and the Golden Globes.  Neither are the insightful and film savvy amateur critics that I share my love of movies with.  But I can still put in my two cents where I see fit.

                I am not in dislike of the screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin for Faceboook origin story, The Social Network, nor did I dislike the overall film.  I actually enjoyed the movie directed by David Fincher by I don’t think it was the absolute best of last year’s big screen pictures.

                As everyone may very well know by now, the film took home four awards from the Golden Globes.  I did not stay up to watch the entire program but I was surely not expecting it to win so many.  I did anticipate it would capture a couple of awards in the major film categories, but 4?  Especially being placed up against another film that I personally thought was the Movie of the Year for 2010.

                You can probably guess which one that is without me even hinting at it but I’m going to tell you anyway.  The mind tingling project written and directed by one Christopher Nolan was well deserved of its numerous nominations.  I was hoping the committee which apparently is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that chooses these things would also be aware.  Inception seemed to be shunned during these awards and was held without a win in any category in which it was nominated.

                No, the film wasn’t perfect, not many are.  But it was very well near to being so.  These two movies are slightly and vastly different on a couple levels.  One being that Inception is more of a film that challenges the mind.  It makes you think, makes you wonder and just simply forces you to pay attention to it.  It jumps around the screen screaming “Look at me, look at me!”.  The Social Network also demands your concentration but in a different way.  It’s a true story that depicts real life drama unfolding before your eyes.

                I respectfully disagree with these decisions but I suppose that is what award shows are all about, aren’t they?  I personally do not really care for the glare and glamour that they consist of.  Sure some of the jokes and antics are quite funny and amusing.  But I would simply like to know who won what and leave it at that.  But that’s just me.  How about spreading the wealth a little?  That’s all I ask, especially to those who really deserve it.  Now on the Super Bowl of film award shows, The Oscars.

And Now, Without further Ado...

I am very proud to announce the much long-awaited return of my fiction story, "Another Chance" Cafe.  As I stated before, I have moved it over to Movie Sense's sister-blog, Pointless Scribble.  I apologize for such the long hiatus.  So in order to keep up with the ongoing tale, just simply click on its link to the right over there, kick back, relax and feel free to become entrenched.  Take a sec to also follow this new blog as well and tell all of your friends and family.  I will continue to keep putting out film reviews and discussions on this one as well so do not fret.  I hope the next part of the story suits your liking.  Enjoy...

The Green Hornet (2011)

With this summer already set to be jam packed full of super hero stories which production companies all hope will become super blockbusters, 2011 begins with a different type of hero. The popular character, The Green Hornet, which was brought to audiences in many different production markets throughout the early 1900s and originally created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker meets new foes…in 3-D.

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the party happy and neglected as a child son of media mogul James Reid (Tom Wilkinson). Britt’s father, who wrote and published articles about the crime and corruption taking over the city of Los Angeles, unexpectedly dies and leaves his newspaper publication to his irresponsible son. After grasping the fact that his father is gone forever and a seemingly innocent prank turns violent, Britt realizes that he needs to do more with his life.

The Girl who Played with Fire (2009)

The famous Lisbeth Salander has returned along with all of the complicated character attributes that her personality carries. Stieg Larsson’s second installment in his Swedish Millennium trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire, continues the intriguing story of Salander and her criminal-journalist friend, Mikael Blomkvist. After the opening chapter, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, proved to be so successful, audiences couldn’t wait for this equally compelling sequel.

After Blomkvist is released from prison and Lisbeth takes up an indefinite absence from the world, she continually checks in on her rapist parole officer Nils Erik Bjurman (Peter Andersson). She threatens him to make sure he keeps up his role of their agreement to continue writing positive reports about her. Having had enough, Bjurman hires an unknown figure to “take care of her” for him. As this shady deal is coming together, a new journalist who has been recently welcomed onto Blomkvist’s team at Millennium, is found murdered along with his girlfriend. The two were planning on writing and releasing an expose about illegal sex trafficking along with all of its orchestrators and participants.

Even More Trailers!!

January 11th DVD Releases

January The controversial but also weirdly inspirational story of Facebook and its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, hits shelves this week.  Along with it, one of Kevin Costner's greatest, and longest, roles, Dances with Wolves, joins another acting great, Boby DeNiro, in one of his most memorable films, Raging Bull.  Can't forget about the Spring Break horror remake, Pirahna and if you like television series' that are on DVD, great week for you, because there are a plethra of them dropping tomorrow.  Enjoy!

True Grit (2010)

Filmmaking brothers Joel & Ethan Cohen take up the reigns of their latest film to put out their adaptation of the 1968 novel, True Grit, written by Charles Portis.  The first film adapted from the novel shares the same title and stars western film vet John Wayne himself in the lead role of  U.S. Marshall Rueben Cogburn.  The Cohen Brothers have made it clear that their goal with this film was to make as close to the original story contained in the novel as possible.  Steven Spielberg also shares producing duties on this project. 

                Jeff Bridges takes up the role of old, fat and usually drunk U.S. Marshall Rueben “Rooster” Cogburn who is chosen by 14-year old Mattie Ross (Hallie Steinfeld) to pursue and catch fugitive Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin) who murdered her father.  During her search for a suitable lawman to take up this task, she comes across Texas Ranger LaBoeuf who is in his own hunt for Chaney to obtain an award that is up for his capture. 

After consistently being turned down to accompany Cogburn on his quest for Chaney, Mattie sets out after him only to find that he has made a deal with LaBoeuf to split the reward money.  They reluctantly allow her to come with them as they search for her father’s killer.  On

Jersey Shore: Season 3

It's 2011 and that means one thing...Season 3 of Jersey Shore!  Ok, maybe the New Year means a lot more than "GTL". But for at least tomorrow night, nothing else on television will quite grasp the attention of the fans of the six italian roommates as they mark their return to Seaside Heights, NJ.  Much anticipated new exploits and of course drama will be on full display as they find themselves dwelling within the same walls they did about a year and a half ago.  After the second consecutive early departure from the ousted Angelina last season, new roommate Deena takes her place and makes quite the early splash on the scene the very first day.  As witnessed on the Season 3 sample aired on Mtv, she shows Mike "The Situation" a little bit more of herself than she intended as well as getting into it with the super couple, Sammie & Ronnie.  Judging from the Season 3 trailer, it seems like this third round will prove to be even wilder and more out of control than the first two.  Yes, the shore will once again never be the same as the gang crashes into town to fist pump, find girls that are "DTF" and by all means avoid grenades.  Back to Jersey, Back to Crazy!!...


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