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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

How will Christopher Nolan follow up the genius that was The Dark Knight? This has been quite possibly the most asked question in the movie world since the end credits of that film began rolling way back in July 2008.  Four years and another critically acclaimed hit in between (Inception), we finally get a chance to answer that question.

Best. Batman. Movie. Ev…- wait, timeout. Before I can make that particular distinction about this film, I’m going to need to see it again. Not saying that the project couldn’t be enjoyed by only seeing it once but more so explaining that a franchise of this caliber with a director of this level of engaging story-telling needs to be experienced more than once in order to fully gather its essence of sheer awesome.

I might need to see it a third time, heck I might need to see it together at the same time while its’ 2008 predecessor is also being played. No, that won’t work. I’m a man of many talents, like Mr. Bruce Wanye, but being able to watch two movies at once (without the aid of commercial breaks and the “previous channel” button on the remote) is not easy.  As with all of Mr. Nolan’s movie-offspring, you’re going to need to pay attention to this film. Not so much in the same magnitude of say an Inception or even a Memento but if you’re a Bat-fan, such as myself, you’re going to want to soak in every little detailed nook and cranny. Honestly, I admit I’ve probably watched The Dark Knight about 69 times (no, I didn’t choose that number at random) and still find something new almost every viewing. As a director, Nolan is just that much in his films as are the actors that he casts for them.


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