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Movie Survey

Go take this survey and peruse around the website, Price Minister.  Seems based in the UK, so for all of you who are located on that side of the world, have fun.  Everyone else, have fun too.  Plus by letting them know where you linked to their survey from might help your favorite movie Blogger out; Me.  Have a nice day and enjoy your New Year.  I will be probably be asleep due to being scheduled to work New Year's morning at 5:30 in the morning.  Fun times.

Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

          Having not kept up with many original comic book created animated films, I am quite disappointed in myself that I let this one fall under my radar.  Especially since I consider Batman to be my most favorite superhero amongst so many other characters with all kinds of phenomenal powers and origins.  I came across Under the Red Hood many times while skimming my Netflix cue but never stopped and pushed the play button.  Thanks to my brother for putting me onto this truly well developed comic gem.

            We pick up sometime well into Bruce Wayne’s (Bruce Greenwood) career as the famed Dark Knight and find Robin (Vincent Martella), with Jason Todd now being the second boy wonder to don the sidekick costume, at the mercy of the Joker (John DiMaggio) and a crowbar.  After beating the teen within inches of his life, the maniacal villain leaves Robin locked in a warehouse which has been rigged to explode.  A speeding bat-cycle ridden by Batman doesn’t get him there in time to his save his young protégé.  Robin’s lifeless body which is found by the Caped Crusader among the rubble provides proof for this death in the Bat-family.

December 28th DVD Releases

Mr. Clooney is back and doing what he seems to do best; be all secretive and get women.  Our favorite Alice (Milla Jovovich) has also returned for her fourth chapter and this time in 3-D (like everything else in the world seems to be).  The animated hit Archer has its' 1st season released on DVD and I wanted to tell you that I made this post just before T-shiiiiiiirt Tiiiiiiime!

The Last Airbender (2010)

           Since one of the most financially successful directors & producers of all that is time snatched the title Avatar away to describe his mega-tall blue people, M. Knight had to simply call his film The Last Airbender.  Adapted from the very popular animated series created by Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko.  The story plays off of aspects of Chinese culture including martial arts.  The central viewpoint of the story is composed of the four main elements of our world: Air, Water, Earth & Fire.  Many of the characters within both the series and film have the ability to “bend” or manipulate these elements as they see fit.

            Our hero of the series and its’ film counterpart is Aang (Noah Ringer) who is the last airbender alive.  At the beginning of the film he is found frozen within a block of ice by a brother and sister duo, Katara (Nicola Peltz) & Sokka (Jackson Rathbone).  The two children accidentally free him and eventually learn of his legendary identity.  This being that he is the Avatar, a special member and last of a clan of air nomads whom have mastered the ability to bend the air around them.  After learning of his destiny to protect the world from evil and maintain peace throughout it, he fled his village and became suspended in ice for a hundred years until he was freed. 

Easy A: Prepare to be Besmirched (2010)

Everyone remembers high school right? The bus rides or car rides, if you were lucky. The awful smell of the locker room, especially in the guys’ area after sweating all through-out gym class. The lunch; sometimes it looked it like it might have moved when you weren’t looking. Of course the popular and unpopular people and how the latter were relentlessly ridiculed without remorse. But the thing that probably drove high school the most were the random rumors. Some true, most of them more false than the idea that I can dunk a basketball. Gossip pretty much made or broke reputations during those four years and it wasn’t always a good thing. Director Will Gluck chooses up-and-comer Emma Stone to help him tell a story of how far tall tales can grow.

Stone plays Olive, a 17-year old girl who flies pretty under the popularity radar when it comes to school. Her best friend, Rhiannon (Aly Michalka), is constantly going on and on about how Olive hasn’t done anything with a guy yet. So in order to get out of going on a camping trip with her friend and her parents, she makes up a lie about having a date. This false date is with a false older college guy which leads to her having some very false sex with him in an attempt to get Rhiannon to stop pestering her about it. Unfortunately this untruth is overheard by the school Jesus-lover, Marianne (Amanda Bynes). Marianne quickly scolds her for being a “whore” and initiates the spread of this fiction story all over their high school.

December 21st DVD Releases

This week is a nice combination of a little of everything.  Thrillers, action, drama and comedy.  Angelina Jolie stepped in after Tom Cruise turned down the role for Salt, jumps off of a bridge and lands on DVD this week.  After almost two decades, the sequel to Wall Street arrives home just in time for Christmas.  Family Guy puts out their final piece in their Star Wars parody.  The lovely Emma Stone plays a teenage sexual reputation repairer in Easy A and we can't forget about M. Knight's latest and first installment in his new Night Chronicles, Devil.  Merry Christmas!

Pointless Scribble

I am pleased and quite proud to announce and introduce the creation of my new blog, Pointless Scribble.  It will contain content of everything other than that of movies.  I have found that I sometimes have things to say that has nothing to do with film that might interest someone out there.  It will provide posts to whatever I feel like writing about at that moment or day.  I wanted to name it Random Scribble but someone whom it may seem is just as creative as myself has already claimed that title.  So I settled for "Pointless"; it has a certain ring to it, don't you think?  If you don't, sorry I'm not changing it. But I do encourage those of you interested to take a peek.

Right now there's not really much up on there because it's brand new.  But I have ideas a lot so it'll fill up over time just as how Movie Sense has.  This will in no way, shape or form defer me from my numero uno love of movies, however, so no need to fret.  You will still have access to all the reviews, movie news & trailers that I deem important enough to share with you all.   To everyone who has been following me thus far, I thank you and encourage those of you who haven't clicked the "Follow" button to do so immediately.  Thanks, 'preciate it.  Plus I have now developed a Facebook fan page, so you can "Like" Movie Sense and become a fan.  You can also follow me on Twitter, @SilentScribbler, if you especially like me.  Eventually I think you will. 

Oh and another thing, I will also be posting all of my random fiction stories, including the very popular "Another Chance" Cafe story that I will eventually turn into a novel.  Sorry for the long hiatus on it.  New chapters are on the way, I promise.  With that said, they will be removed pretty soon from this site's archive. So if you want more of "Patrick & Shea", you'll have to dip on over to the new one.  Sorry for any inconvience.  Hope you all enjoy this new project.

"HBL" Post Production Interview

Here's one of the post-production interview videos hosted by none other than yours truly.  Big stars are so difficult to work with.  I felt especially threatened by Mr. Ali-Baba but I maintained my professionalism. 

("HBL" is a You Tube motion picture written, directed, filmed & produced by St. Elmo, master filmmaker, check out his You tube channel link in my favorite links on the side)


2010: The Year in Movies

As the year draws closer and closer to a close and we find ourselves on the precipice of 2011, it can be more than understood that time is continuing to go on.  With it we all continue to age and look at some of our youth with the same confused expressions that our elders once gave us.  As we try to make sense of some of their styles, trends and sometimes erratic decisions, I'm sure that they also question some of their older peers' choices in certain things.  Film being one of those things some of the younger demographic might not be able to always agree on.  They could find it difficult to attest to just how great many of the movies released years ago were. 

I personally feel that there has been a slight resurgence in the quality of movies recently.  2010 can prove that.  There have been several films to hit the big screen that have delighted audiences and the box office.  In almost every genre, there were a couple of films that might make next year’s Golden Globe and Academy Award categories tough to decide.  From Shutter Island to The Karate Kid, The Crazies to Inception, Toy Story 3 to Despicable Me and everything in between.  There are still some potentially great films that are yet to be released but they can easily be included in the stand out bunch.

Twilight Question

I have a question.  Yes I have asked many questions before and I feel that they are all of a shared importance simply becuase I have asked them and my curiousity is the only thing that matters in the world.  Well at least in my world.  Anyways my question is quite simple.  Its simplicty is simple.  Yet I am still without an answer.  I am hoping some of you awfully intelligent and very endearing readers will consider answering it for me.  It has to do with the gi-normous book & film franchise that the tweens and even some adults call Twilight.  It has gained about a ka-jillion fans and probably even more money and is still not finished with its plan at world domination. 

Yes I have posted about this mega-series before asking whether or not those of you who care think I should actually read the books.  As it turned out, not many of you did care but that's quite alright.  I understand your non-concern for my indecisiveness about what I read.  This time around I have a slightly different question.  I could answer it myself by actually reading the books but I really don't feel like it.  Well I mean I haven't had time.  So if you feel the need or even if you don't, I ask that you spare me that effort and answer my question.  For those of you who have actually read the books:

The Tourist (2010)

Two of the mega-stars of our time combine their talents with director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck to bring us a remake of the 2005 French film Anthony Zimmer.  The Tourist apparently follows its’ parent feature accordingly but lacks something for me.  I can’t exactly place my finger on it, but I went into it thinking that it was something that it was obviously not.  Nonetheless, I exited the theater a little disappointed in my evening purchase.

            The story begins in France and eventually takes us to Italy where it turns somewhat interesting.  Elise (Angelina Jolie) is a quite mysterious woman who literally turns the heads of every male, and even some female, patrons as she walks down the street.  We discover rather early on that she is being persistently tagged by a group of authorities from the International Police.  This mini-squad of investigators and followers are led by Inspector John Acheson (Paul Bettany) who seems rather obsessed with apprehending her very elusive and absent boyfriend, Alexander Pearce.  Through a, in my opinion, not very clever way of slipping her a note, Pearce instructs Elise to board a train and meet him in Italy.

Fast 5

Diesel & The Rock says...Time to get revved up for the next action packed installment; and the gang's all here.

On Stranger Tides

Mermaids, Zombies, the legendary pirate Black Beard & the Fountain of Youth.  Captain Jack Sparrow is back.  Johnny Depp reunites with his Blow co-star, Penelope Cruz, to set sail once again.  But this time there's no drugs; it is a Disney movie. 

December 14th DVD Releases

We got a few of this summers film juggernauts being released on DVD this week.  The A-Team, Despicable Me & The Other Guys are all recommended buys.  Ben Affleck's latest, The Town, hits stores this Friday along with the CGI creation Legend of the Guardians.  WWE fans get a treat while this years most anticipated western remake's original blueprint starring John Wayne is also available for pick-up.  Oh, and we can't forget about Season 8 of Jack. 

New life found on the...Dark of the Moon

The Walking Dead: The Best thing since sliced Dead…I mean Bread

This year’s Halloween frenzy was a pretty decent one in my opinion. I love horror flicks, I mean I love them. There isn’t quite anything like being scared. Suspense building up inside of you, heart pounding so hard it feels like it’ll burst straight through your chest. Trying to anticipate those “jump” moments in a movie so you aren’t the only dummy in the room that’s startled when the killer jumps out of the closet. Didn’t work did it? Yeah I didn’t think so.

This year’s products of Halloween weren’t that bad. My Soul to Take, Buried & Paranormal Activity 2 all making pretty decent showings at the box office. Case 39 filling the theaters and the final Saw, in 3D nonetheless, coming out swinging to make its’ case for 2010 horror champ. Not knocking any of these films but sometimes quantity over quality is a good thing. Hollywood was making sure there are more than enough of similar products out there to keep all of us satisfied until the Christmas season rolls around. But I was mainly impressed with another product. One that wasn’t included in the cinema Halloween slugfest.

December 7th DVD Releases

Arguably the best film of the year will be released on DVD this week so you can watch it how many ever more times to try to pick up on things that you didn't quite catch the first 10 times you saw it in the theater.  Shrek 4 and a plethra of T.V. series also come out this week including one of ABC's finest, Boy Meets World.  Oh and don't forget to follow the white rabbit to Wonderland to meet up with Alice for some tea before popping these movies in your DVD tray.

How about...Dinner and a Movie?

             Going on a date?  More specifically a first date?  What should you do?  Where should you take her?  Food is always a good idea.  Feeding your date has got to be the number 1 thing to gain some kind of positive cool points with her.  With her stomach full, she just might forget the fact that you don’t drive a Mercedes.  Oh, and to those guys reading who actually own a Mercedes, news flash: she’s only paying attention to you for your car.  Ladies, where would you like to be taken on a date?  What would you like to do?  What do you like eat?  All great questions. Yes, fantastic questions.  But with plenty of different answers.

            Unfortunately for those of us on an actual budget, those different answers can mean many different price ranges for that evening.  Yes Nicki Minaj, I look at the price tag.  But although the cost of a date may be important on a certain level, a more important aspect is the actual date.  What to do while you spend time trying to get to know someone?  Being a gi-normous lover of film, quite frankly I can probably go to the theater every day if I could (again, my budget does not permit this, movie prices are not going down any time soon).  Whereas whomever I deem lucky enough to allow to hang out with me for an evening may not embrace my same desire.  One that lets me sit in a dark theater and either thoroughly enjoy or ridicule a film that Hollywood or an independent filmmaker has placed on the screen in front of me.  So what to do?


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