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Pointless Scribble

I am pleased and quite proud to announce and introduce the creation of my new blog, Pointless Scribble.  It will contain content of everything other than that of movies.  I have found that I sometimes have things to say that has nothing to do with film that might interest someone out there.  It will provide posts to whatever I feel like writing about at that moment or day.  I wanted to name it Random Scribble but someone whom it may seem is just as creative as myself has already claimed that title.  So I settled for "Pointless"; it has a certain ring to it, don't you think?  If you don't, sorry I'm not changing it. But I do encourage those of you interested to take a peek.

Right now there's not really much up on there because it's brand new.  But I have ideas a lot so it'll fill up over time just as how Movie Sense has.  This will in no way, shape or form defer me from my numero uno love of movies, however, so no need to fret.  You will still have access to all the reviews, movie news & trailers that I deem important enough to share with you all.   To everyone who has been following me thus far, I thank you and encourage those of you who haven't clicked the "Follow" button to do so immediately.  Thanks, 'preciate it.  Plus I have now developed a Facebook fan page, so you can "Like" Movie Sense and become a fan.  You can also follow me on Twitter, @SilentScribbler, if you especially like me.  Eventually I think you will. 

Oh and another thing, I will also be posting all of my random fiction stories, including the very popular "Another Chance" Cafe story that I will eventually turn into a novel.  Sorry for the long hiatus on it.  New chapters are on the way, I promise.  With that said, they will be removed pretty soon from this site's archive. So if you want more of "Patrick & Shea", you'll have to dip on over to the new one.  Sorry for any inconvience.  Hope you all enjoy this new project.


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