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Jersey Shore: Season 3

It's 2011 and that means one thing...Season 3 of Jersey Shore!  Ok, maybe the New Year means a lot more than "GTL". But for at least tomorrow night, nothing else on television will quite grasp the attention of the fans of the six italian roommates as they mark their return to Seaside Heights, NJ.  Much anticipated new exploits and of course drama will be on full display as they find themselves dwelling within the same walls they did about a year and a half ago.  After the second consecutive early departure from the ousted Angelina last season, new roommate Deena takes her place and makes quite the early splash on the scene the very first day.  As witnessed on the Season 3 sample aired on Mtv, she shows Mike "The Situation" a little bit more of herself than she intended as well as getting into it with the super couple, Sammie & Ronnie.  Judging from the Season 3 trailer, it seems like this third round will prove to be even wilder and more out of control than the first two.  Yes, the shore will once again never be the same as the gang crashes into town to fist pump, find girls that are "DTF" and by all means avoid grenades.  Back to Jersey, Back to Crazy!!...


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