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So as it would seem, enough of you have submited many nominations for little old me and my little old blog to make the Top 5 nominees for our category.  That category would be for Best Newcomer Movie Blog.  I always thought my mediocre number of followers was lack luster.  But you all have certainly proven that has always been quality over quantity.  Thanks to TheMovie411 for all of their hard work setting up and processing this online award show for us hard working and dedicated movie bloggers. 

It should really go without saying that you all should vot for my blog.  I mean you could choose any of the other nominess as well if you like them better, this is true.  But you are my dedicated readers that I try ever so hard to impress.  But the choice is all yours alas.  So all I'm saying is to choose carefully and very wisely.  I will now leave you to your voting or whatever it is you were doing before you stumbled upon this very well written post.  Voting ends on the 16th of December.  So go to it!  Again, because FranchiseSaysSo. or click the little picture to your right.


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