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Comment for crying out Loud

Still quite the amatuer at this writing thing, I'm trying to grow and evolve to possibly one day even become pretty decent at it.  But I won't know if I am without any feedback.  Especially feedback from you, the wonderful take precious time out of your own important days to actually read my stuff you.  The readers of my work are the main reason why I continue to even consider a part in the writing game.  A small talent that I refused to even acknowledge I might have until this almost too late portion of my life. 

As it would seem, my ongoing romance story, "Another Chance" Cafe, has become surprisingly popular and developed a small fan base who are all threatening me whenever I take too long to create a new chapter.  Mostly friends, co-workers, family and a certain girl that I, or was, trying to impress have become loyal followers.  But I want to hear from those of you whom I don't know.  Die-hard readers who will tell me if I suck.  Be gentle with your words please.  My non-existent ego is quite fragile.  My many thanks to those of you who have provided words on stuff thus far and I encourage you to keep them coming.  To those of you who haven't, I push the same previously mentioned encouragement upon you ten-fold.  Maybe even twenty-fold.  I want to hear what you think!

This would be gladly appreciated.  So comment, comment, comment.  Or at least follow or simply tell your friends to check it out and then maybe they will comment.  Looking forward to discovering if I have a chance to run with the literature wolves or  whether I should chuck my pen out of the window (Because there's no way I'm going to throw my laptop anywhere).  Thank you all in advance.  And remember:


It's good for the mind, body, and yeah the soul too.


Danielle said...

Well, you already know that I've been enjoying "Another Chance Cafe," but it's worth saying again! I'm updating my blogroll, and I'm planning to include you in the "Writers and Writing" section - you definitely qualify!

And don't worry about the 'almost too late portion' when it comes to writing. There's ridiculous pressure to get published early these days, with all the young authors suddenly popping up. Look back at your favourite books - can you honestly tell how old the author was? Does it matter?

The general consensus online is that a writer shouldn't give up his/her day job, since it's really hard to make a living off of writing alone. So don't worry about trying to do that. Focus on the writing, especially the joy of it, and when the time comes for publication, celebrate like crazy, then go back to the writing. I'll keep coming back to read it :)

FranchiseSaysSo said...

Thank you ever so much. That means a lot coming from an already published author and you have a point about not being able to tell how old many authors are. That makes sense. I also will keep looking forward to your pieces. They make my stuff seem like a kindergarten student wrote it. Thanks again.

Dempsey Sanders said...

Keep going at it, your good at writing, and give enjoyable posts to read. I spent weeks with just two followers and now, since a week a go, suddenly it raised and raised a lot, every day now I get at least another two or three followers. Its great to know people like what you write. Danielle above has given some really good advice too, I agree. So keep going friend, I will be back to check up on you

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