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You, the Readers

As I attempt to press forward with my hopeful beginnings at a possible second career, I decided to seek the help of the single most important entity of this writing thing.  That entity would be you.  Yeah you, who are hopefully reading this post by a wishfully up-and-coming film critic who, unlike some, has realized that in order to publish a polished product you must first have a customer to publish it to.  Without you, the reader, there wouldn't anyone to pass my deep, affectionate love of movies on to. 

I ask you, the reader, what are you looking for in a review of a film you might be considering on attending this weekend or any other day for that matter.  You might even be deadlocked on a certain new release but teetering back on forth on an imaginary line trying to decide whether or not to spend the $9.50, $12.50 if it's in 3-D which everything seems to be nowadays, per person on a Hollywood production that might not even be worth it.
  I used to be there, still am sometimes, quite hesitant about spending my hard earned pay on a movie I might not like.  If you have a family, kids and all, then a trip to the cinema can run you close to what two tanks of gas might cost, sometimes more.  Even if you're just taking your sweetheart out on a date, you might be on a budget or maybe it's a first date and you don't know whether or not this person is worth spending that kind of dough on for one night.  That might sound a little harsh but a lot of people feel this way.

This is where I come in.  I'll do the heavy spending for you, especially since I am not affiliated with any free screenings or movie passes from a publication quite yet (operative term being yet), and go see that film you were thinking about attending.  I'll let you know whether or not it was any good.  Now, back to my original request for help.  Relatively speaking, not everyone can relate to many of the big time critics out there.  They have their own basis for rating films as I continually do research in (as in my last post about Roger Ebert) and their style of writing may not reach out to you.  So, what do you want to know about the movie.  Some people want it straight and to the point, good or no good.  Some people want a description of their favorite aspect of film, such as special effects or fight choreography, relation to real events or the simple task of good acting.  Other would like an analysis.  Inquisitive mind, mine, would love to know. 

I'm not asking for you to do my work for me, oh no, I would never ask that.  Then I would have no purpose in life.  I just want to know what you want to know.  Cuz when it comes down to it I am, believe it or not like you, a reader.


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