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She's Out of my League

I think everyone has been there at one point or another in their lives. Either you have been the half of a couple who is considered the average-looking one and your better half is somewhat of a super hottie or perhaps it’s been the other way around where as you are the “dymepiece” of the relationship and your partner is the one shivering away in your shadow. Regardless what your situation, I think everyone can relate. She’s Out of my League puts this situation on the screen for all to scratch their heads together and present the question that real life is afraid to ask; “What does she see in him?” Or the other way around of course.

Jay Baruchel plays Kirk, an average guy who works airport security and is still not over his ex-girlfriend from years past. With nothing very special about him, he works with his friends, has a run-down car and his ex-girlfriend still hangs out with his parents and family with her new boyfriend. One day a near perfect woman comes through the security checkpoint and loses her phone. Who should happen to find it but Kirk. He eventually returns it to its owner whose name is Molly. For whatever reason, she takes a liking to him and they begin dating.

Throughout his entire contact with Molly, Kirk’s friends have numerous debates and conduct a series of discussions on why in the world a female who looks like her would ever pay any attention to an average schmo like himself. Even Kirk, although enjoying his new unexplainable relationship, cannot figure out why he has become so lucky. Doubts and negative thoughts parade back and forth through his mind which lead to possible self-esteem issues he has within himself and his union with this “10” of a girl.

The most entertaining portions of this film came from T.J. Miller who plays Stainer, one of Kirk’s friends. He works with Kirk at the airport and is never at a lost for something uncharacteristic to say. He says what’s on his mind and has no shame in doing so. He completely objects to Kirk’s fancy over his ex-girlfriend who broke his heart and leads the deliberations over why Molly likes him. He also has a sheer hatred for people in general which might stem from working airport security (something I can relate to).

The rest of the comedy in this film is nothing really to celebrate over. It has its moments here and there but isn’t hysterical by far. The message that it serves up by the end shines a light on that age old question about relationships that I mentioned at the beginning. Enlightening and down to Earth, it also presents a realistic look at what people actually think when they see a certain pair of people together.

Good for some quick laughs and a pretty truthful look into relationships between people obviously on the complete opposite ends of the “looks” scale, I give She’s Out of my League “3 unsolved mysteries why a “10” would go for a “5” out of 5”.

- “Is there an artist exemption for talking out your ass?”
- “Yeah it's called being a rock star Jack! Look it up in the dictionary next to f**k you.”


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