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Twilight Saga Poll

Unless you have lived under a rather large and comfortable rock the last couple of years, you have heard of a slightly popular craze known as the Twilight Saga.  First to arrive as a four novel story written by Stephenie Meyer about a girl who could be the poster child for self-brooding who falls in love with a pale, super-strong, super-fast and apparently dashing vampire who attends her school.  The "undeniably and irrevocably" loved book series eventually became a set of films with the same following.  Record breaking opening nights and about a ka-jillion adult/teen heartthrob crushes later, Twilight has become one of the most succesful movie franchises in film history.

Those of you who have read my review of this years Eclipse know how I have felt about this onslaught of vampire romance drama.  Not a true blue fan but slowly becoming more and more interested in this fantasy story I have begun thinking of attempting to read the books that have started it all.  I never once even considered this a possibility before but with all of the novels turning films lately, as a film critic, the fans of said respected novels tend to have a little more respect for those who have taken the time to actually read the book counterparts of the big screen versions to thier favorite story.  To be honest, it is not always possible to get through a book in time to see a film by the time it is released unless you find about the making of the movie a decent amount of time in advance.

Still realizing that a certain story and film is appealed to and aimed at a certain demographic, I was emphatically told by a fully grown "twanatic" (Twilight fanatic) that the books were definitely a must read.  Not exactly a life altering decision, I still figured I should to reach out to my small but very loyal following on whether or not I should dedicate my time to trying to read all of the books before next falls Breaking Dawn release.  I am curious about the book to film comparison especailly conerning the final installment in the series.  Described to me as "hard to put down" novels, I wonder if a non-fan such as myself would agree.  I did become addicted to the Harry Potter series (books and films) after watching Sorcerer's Stone with my sister way back in 2001.

So I am posting a poll to hear your opinion which can be found on the side bar to the right.  I have placed an opportunity to make a decision about my life in your hands.  Choose well.  I have already decided to try to go through the Scott Pilgrim comic series after thoroughly enjoying the film starring Michael Cera released earlier this month.  Wondering whether or not Stephenie Meyer actaully penned that Jacob Black has to be consistently shirt less, I am awaiting your choice.  Thank you.


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