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Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it yet again; Tyler Perry sure can write a drama-filled story. His latest black-opera (black soap opera) is no different. Why Did I Get Married Too? continues the telling and going-on’s of four married couples and lifelong friends from its 2007 predecessor. The entire cast returns to try to answer that question that almost everyone who has ever been married or even engaged may ask themselves: “Why?”

Terry and Diane (Tyler Perry & Sharon Leal) are the first couple that we meet and it seems they have recovered from their episode in the first film quite well now with two children and seemingly more in love than ever before. Marcus and Angela (Michael Jai White & Tasha Smith) are still the ever arguing and constant bickering duo that they were before and the audience wonders how they haven’t managed to split up yet or kill each other for that matter. Troy and Sheila (Lamman Rucker & Jill Scott) are still together after Sheila’s disastrous marriage to Mike (Richard T. Jones), have moved to the south and have come across some financial issues. Gavin and Patricia (Malik Yoba & Janet Jackson) seem like they might be fine but are obviously concealing some possible issues from the rest of their friends.

They all meet up once again for their annually marriage retreat but this time they vacation in the Bahamas. Everything seems peachy keen between the couples on the outside until Mike unexpectedly shows up of course and the drama ensues. Everything from trust issues to suspicions of cheating to possible divorces are brought up in this movie. Along with the original, the reality of marriage and how those members of a particular marriage deal with the good and the bad within that union are splashed across the screen. Every relationship from a dating level to a seasoned marriage of many years will be able to convey with something presented in the story with some factor of their own lives.

As stated before, this screenplay does not scrimp on the drama factor. Anything you think might happen or even if you don’t believe it will, does. It does and it does so very hard at times, you can feel a lot of the emotion that some of the characters are feeling. A bad side to this is that it became a little predictable at times. You saw some of the major events coming. Either you’ve seen a whole lot of drama films or you’ve experienced it in your life or maybe you think that something might just fit correctly into a certain scene but you’ll be able to figure it out. Either way, at some point, you’ll be able see certain scenes unfolding before they do. But even though the audience will be able to foresee some of the plot, it still delivers its message with a heavy hand. You still receive that overwhelming feeling of screaming out “Oh my Gosh!” at the screen.

Beside from the drama aspect, the comedy incorporated in the film was decent. Not the greatest for four men and women sitting around talking about their mates to their friends but still good enough for anyone who has ever been in any kind of relationship to chuckle at. The ability to relate the dialogue contained in the film to real life is probably the best facet of the film. You will be saying to yourself, “Yup, that happened to me just last week” or “That’s right, women are crazy!” I don’t suggest agreeing to that last part with your lady right beside you.

Some of the happenings in the film to me were unnecessary and kind of childish. The way some of the characters decided to attempt to get back at their mate after they had been done wrong. A few were just downright unrealistic and over the top but who knows, perhaps some people really do get that angry at someone that claim to love so much. Included with a powerful plot climax, this film may have something for everyone.

With a little potential for a third chapter, although I personally do not believe it needs one, I give Why Did I Get Married Too? “3 reasons to make sure that special guy or gal is absolutely, positively someone that you can spend the rest of your existence with out of 5”.

- “Hello?, Hello?”

-“ Baby... These are text messages. You can't answer these.”


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