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TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2010

Well, it would seem that someone actually likes me, or least likes my blog.  It's been nominated for TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2010 under the category of Best Newcomer Movie Blog Award.  Voting for this and all of the other categories involved begin on November 20th.  If you deem my blog worthy enough to possibly win this award, I first thank you for your generally superb intelligence and decision making.  Secondly, I direct you to the the award picure posted right underneath my list of loyal followers which I hope will continue to grow. 

The award picture is linked to TheMovie411 blog where you will be able to vote for your favorite blogsites.  Again, voting begins on the 20th of November, so for those of you who care, don't hesitate to join in and share your opinions on your fellow bloggers.  I know it sounds incredibly cliche, but it's quite an honor to simply be nominated.  Thanks again and keep blogging!


Dempsey Sanders said...

congratulations on your nomination. Although I can't tell you at the moment exact numbers (as it would not be fair) You actually have recieved a few nominations, not just one, for the newcomer award already before you even posted this, and the nominations were only open today. You must be doing something right!
The one thing I like about the newcomer award it is intended to let other bloggers and readers know where you are as starting on blogspot is never easy.

I wish you all the best of luck!

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