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Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

So what would you do if you had the opportunity to travel back in time? I would try to correct so many mistakes I made that by the time I finished with all of them, I would probably be back at the present. And I know it’s not just me, everyone, or almost everyone would take that chance to go back and change something or maybe just to relive a special moment they shared in their life. The sheer idea of time travel, though not yet available in real life, has been the topic of numerous movies so far. The Time Machine (duh), Back to the Future, even Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure capitalized on the fantasy concept and has entertained audiences and readers throughout history. The latest film to use this plot line is the utterly, yes I said utterly, hilarious comedy directed by Steve Pink, Hot Tub Time Machine.

The simple plot has three long time friends; Adam (John Cusack), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Lou (Rob Corddry); who haven’t spent any real time with each other in quite some time. Unhappy with their lives, they are brought together over the false assumption that one of them, Lou, tried to take his own life. Therefore, along with Adam’s nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke), they all decide to take a getaway for the weekend and go to their old party spot, a ski resort in Kodiak Valley. They reminisce about memories that they had at the resort ranging from alcohol to girls to… more alcohol and more girls. They wonder about things that could have been if they had made different decisions while they spent their youth there. Perhaps they wouldn’t be so miserable about how their lives turned out at this point. Once they reach their destination and check in, they realize the town isn’t what it used to be. No more non-stop parties and rock concerts to keep them entertained anymore. As a matter of fact, the only fun part of their trip turns out to be outdoor hot tub just outside their room. Go figure.

The rest of the night is jumbled in booze, hot water, bubbles and an energy drink which is illegal in the U.S. that they of course used to mix with their alcohol. They awake the next morning and eventually notice that something is not quite right. There are way more people on the mountain and everyone is dressed, well, like they have traveled back through time. Once they realize this, they come to the conclusion that if they do not do the same exact things they did when they were there the first time, then it might cause a ripple effect in time and change the future. So they set out on their mission to relive their past and try to get back to their own time unscathed.

This is perhaps the funniest movie I have seen since the inception of The Hangover last summer. Just constant and consistent funny with jokes that will literally, yes I said literally, have you LOL-ing. Just like in the film, I couldn’t help myself but travel back in time by rewinding many of the scenes just to relive the laughter. I have always found Rob Corddry to be funny, but he absolutely takes the cake in this film. His character is completely out of control and he plays the part extremely well. Craig Robinson brings his usual sarcasm and standout serious but you know he’s just joking satire. The two of them are probably the two funniest out of the main characters. John Cusack has some moments, but they are the stand out actors in this movie.

As I have stated in previous reviews, I am partial to the silly/stupid comedies that come from the likes of such actors like Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey or Ben Stiller. So this one really sat well with me. Even if you are not completely into genres such as this, you will appreciate the unhinged performances by both the main and side characters. One of the godfathers of comedy, Chevy Chase plays the hot tub repair man who refuses to answer any of their questions about time travel straight up which adds to their frustration which only adds to the comedy.

With enough F bombs to appall even the most avid curse word user with not too much gratuitous nudity and even a couple of soft moments about the importance of friendship, this one easily becomes an instant classic. Plus, for those of us who remember the 80s, the trip down memory lane is an enjoyable one. I rarely hand out high ratings to films but just couldn’t find anything wrong with this one so I have to give Hot Tub Time Machine “5 Great White Buffalos out of 5”.

“Oh God! I'm gonna c*m! Shia Lebeouf! I'm f***ing Adam's sister! Dropping loads! So much f***ing semen. Little Tiny Jacobs!”


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