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Wolfman (2010)

Man learns of brother’s death. Man returns home in search of brother’s killer. Man finds brother’s killer. Man sees full moon and becomes a killer. The man is Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro), and he has a less than cordial relationship with his father, Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins). He becomes aware that his brother has gone missing and has also left behind a quite beautiful fiancée, Gwen Coliffe (Emily Blunt). He promises her that he will find her late future husbands murderer but in doing so finds much more than he expected. It is believed by the townspeople where his father and brother resides that a monster is on the loose. A monster feared to be a werewolf. During a scuffle with the creature, he is bitten and learns first hand “the legend of the wolf”.

There were a total of three films with the “wolf man” concept before this modern version. This particular remake is based off of the 1941 version of the classic story. The film, directed by Joe Johnston, is laced with some very well done special effects. In fact, the effects are possibly the best aspect of this movie. Having never seen the original story, I cannot make a personal comparison but read that the second half of the film was altered for the remake.

Very predictable and slow at times, it lacks the “thrilling” concept of a thriller. Yes, it is considered a horror film as was the first movie but other than some mediocre jump moments, it wasn’t very scary. Another slight plus was the abundance of graphic violence. It did not hold back or skimp on the amount of blood, gore, and severed body parts.

The acting, although rather convincing from a team of A-lister’s which included Hugo Weaving, seemed as if they really didn’t have to reach too far into their bag of acting tricks to be very effective. My favorite would have to be Anthony Hopkins who always does a wonderful job of being mysterious and short-tempered. Along with the main characters, of course you have those in the story who are just quite annoying and really just deserve to die. The way in which they meet their demise, again, is among the short list of good things about this film.

The two hour run time is a little over what was actually needed to tell this story. But if you’re in the mood for a mediocre retelling of an old classic, then this film is for you. I give Wolfman “3 horrific ways to die at the hands of a werewolf out of 5”.

"It is said there is no sin in killing a beast

Only in killing a man

But where does one begin and the other end?"


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