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Repo Men (2010)

Blood, guts, on-the-spot surgery, blood, action, and oh yeah some more blood. If you like blood, well I mean seeing it on screen and not in real life, then you will love the bloody Miguel Sapochnik directed film, Repo Men. Powered by other aspects other than just blood, such as the creative story line, Repo Men might have the small beginnings of a becoming a cult favorite.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star as the aforementioned repossession specialists, Remy and Jake. After growing up and serving in the military together, the two friends take jobs as repo men for a company known as the Union. A company that provides artificial organs and body parts to the unfortunate who are dying or in need of some kind of transplant in order to stay alive. This, of course, all comes at a price, which can be split into monthly payments at a seemingly low interest rate. If they happen to fall behind on their payments, however, then that’s where Remy and Jake come in. If you see them in your home, then… let’s just say you rather be on the phone arguing with a collections agency.

This sci-fi thriller takes place in the future and features a lot of not yet created high tech gadgets and weapons. The repo techs seem multi-skilled as well. They not only have to be talented in combat and defensive measures but also in conducting mild surgery. They literally go in and get whatever organ that hasn’t been paid for and bring it back to the Union to be inventoried.

Not really seeing Jude Law or Forest Whitaker as action stars, I was somewhat surprised at how well they pulled these roles off. There are a lot of close range hand-to-hand combat scenes that usually wind up in someone becoming a bloody after thought. The use of slow motion capture to add to the special effects did this film well. Although some effects were hardly believable, they made for some pretty fun “Ohh!” and “Ew!” moments of cringing.

Incorporating how this field of employment might affect someone’s home life was also worked into the story. Of course there is the significant other who wants their guy to safely make it home at a reasonable hour every evening. Fat chance of that happening when he’s out harvesting artificial organs from people with a bad to non-existent credit score.

Adapted from an unpublished novel, Repossession Mambo, written by Eric Garcia who also assisted with the screenplay, the film bears a similarity to the musical Repo! A Genetic Opera. That film shares in the same concept of reclaiming organs from individuals who can no longer afford to pay for them, just with a rock-opera sort of twist. Repo Men took on some minor scrutiny due to the close resemblance of the two projects but the production team insisted they based their work solely off of the novel.

Due to the enjoyable story and visually entertaining fight sequences, I liked this film but was a little unhappy with the ending. Therefore, I give Repo Men “3 repossessed organs out of 5”.

“At the end, a job is not just a job, it’s who you are, and if wanna change who you are, you have to change what you do..”

Repo Men      Repo Men (Unrated) [Blu-ray]


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